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Posted: July 12th, 2023

Think about your level of professional confidence and competence with nursing skills

1) Think about your level of professional confidence and competence with nursing skills and knowledge as a senior nursing student. Where are the gaps? What experiences, situations, and relationships do you believe are important to support you as you move into professional practice?
• Categorize your thoughts into either professional skills or professional knowledge.
• Draft one goal to meet each of your professional development needs.
• Develop a plan for goal achievement. How will you achieve your professional development goals? With whom do you need to meet? What resources do you need?

2) Reflect on Miller and colleagues’ research on new graduate preparedness in working with electronic medical records (EMR). What challenges and benefits do you anticipate, or have you experienced, when interfacing with the EMR? What strategies can you implement to ensure that you have a smooth transition in your documentation while using the EMR?
• Respond in one well-developed paragraph.
• Cite Miller and colleagues’ research/references in proper APA Style.

As a senior nursing student, I have developed a considerable level of professional confidence and competence in both nursing skills and knowledge. However, there are still some gaps that I need to address to enhance my professional development. Categorizing them into professional skills and professional knowledge:
Professional Skills:

Goal: Enhance my communication skills with patients and interdisciplinary healthcare team members.
Plan: I will enroll in a communication skills workshop or course to learn effective communication techniques, active listening, and empathy. Additionally, I will seek opportunities for clinical rotations in settings that require interdisciplinary collaboration, such as intensive care units or surgical units, to practice and refine my communication skills.
Professional Knowledge:

Goal: Improve my understanding of evidence-based practice (EBP) and research methodologies.
Plan: I will enroll in an online course or attend workshops on EBP and research methodologies. I will also actively participate in research projects or quality improvement initiatives within my nursing program or seek mentorship from faculty members with expertise in research. Accessing academic journals and online databases will provide me with the necessary resources to stay updated on the latest research findings.
To achieve these goals, I will need to meet with nursing faculty, clinical instructors, and experienced nurses who can provide guidance, feedback, and mentorship. They will be instrumental in helping me assess my progress and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, I will utilize online resources, textbooks, and academic databases to access relevant information and research articles to support my professional development.

The research conducted by Miller and colleagues highlights the challenges and benefits of working with electronic medical records (EMR) for new graduate nurses. The anticipated challenges include a steep learning curve associated with navigating the EMR system, potential time constraints due to increased documentation requirements, and the potential for errors if not properly trained in using the system. However, the benefits of EMR utilization include improved access to patient information, enhanced communication among healthcare team members, and increased efficiency in documentation.
To ensure a smooth transition in documentation while using the EMR, I can implement several strategies. First, I will actively engage in training sessions provided by the healthcare facility to become familiar with the EMR system and its functionalities. I will also seek opportunities to practice using the EMR during clinical rotations or simulations to gain confidence and proficiency. Regularly reviewing the EMR documentation guidelines and protocols will help me understand the expectations and standards for accurate and comprehensive documentation. Additionally, seeking guidance and support from experienced nurses or preceptors who are knowledgeable in using the EMR can provide valuable insights and tips for efficient and effective documentation.

Miller, L., Adams, S., Johnson, J., & Linhart, C. (2018). The new graduate nurse and electronic health record use: A qualitative study. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 36(1), 28-35. doi: 10.1097/CIN.0000000000000344

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