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Posted: October 27th, 2022

Teen Suicide and Bullying

Teen Suicide and Bullying
Please read pages 109 – 110 for Kohlberg and Gilligan, then pages 95 – 100 for Erikson’s psychosocial dilemmas at different stages of life. Read pages 457 – 458 for readings on Suicide.

Coon et al. (2022) discuss the difficulties teenagers face in establishing their own identity, many problems stem from the unclear standards about the role adolescents should play within society. Coon et al. (2022) also explains that teenagers experience ambiguity, or unclear interpretations when defining their roles. This adds to their confusion of a clear and solid sense of self.
More and more often we are seeing cases presented in the media about teens who have taken their own lives as a result of bullying and cyberbullying (Wang, 2016). Coon et al. (2022) have argued that adolescence is a tumultuous time. However, Karen Horney’s theory explains that basic anxiety occurs because we live in a hostile world. An example in Wang (2016), report of a suicide by a 13-year-old girl in response to racial and social prejudice against perceived sexual orientation.
Coon, D., Mitterer, J.O., & Martini, T. (2022). Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior (16th ed.). Cengage Learning.
Wang, Y. (2016). After years of alleged bullying, an Ohio teen killed herself. Is her school district responsible? The Washington Post.
For this week’s main post, answer all of the following questions. Be sure to include factual, properly cited information in your post.
How much does emotional turbulence versus social hostility count as an explanation for teen suicide? Or is it a combination of the two?
Drawing upon Kohlberg’s theory of stages of moral development, Gilligan’s theory of caring, and Erikson’s psychosocial stages theory, discuss reasons why an adolescent might turn to suicide.
Using one of these theories, suggest how to help a teen who has been a victim of bullying.

Your initial post (your response to the topic) must contain a citation. It is your ideas supported by research. Please refer to the APA PowerPoint in the Student Resources section of the classroom for information on proper formatting. There are Samples of APA Writing above and in the Getting Started area. There will be a deduction of 20 points for failure to cite a source within your initial post and to provide a reference at the end of your initial post.
Your initial post must be a minimum of 300-400 words

Teen Suicide and Bullying
Teenagers become suicidal when they perceive there is no hope in the world. Suicidal ideation is related to hopelessness in the face of adversity. Emotional turbulence and social hostility are both responsible for suicide among teenagers (Coon et al. 2022). As teenagers grow up, they are faced with the realities and stressors of life. Some of the major sources of stress include academic performance, sexual identity, and relationships at home or school (Coon et al. 2022). Teenagers find it difficult to communicate with their parents or friends to find help.
According to Kohlberg’s theory of stages of moral development, adolescents commit suicide if they feel guilty, worthless, and unable to uphold moral values (Coon et al. 2022). Lack of self-value can trigger diverse emotions that may lead to suicide.
Gilligan’s theory of caring can explain suicide among adolescents due to a lack of justice and fairness. Adolescents can commit suicide if they experience bullying and rejection (Coon et al. 2022). Statistics indicate that adolescents that are bullied are more 9 times at risk of suicide (Wang, 2016). Bullying in school or abuse at home can increase the risk of bullying among adolescents.
Erikson’s psychosocial stages theory can explain suicide among adolescents due to lack of self-identity, role confusion, and a weak sense of self. Adolescents can feel insecure and confused about themselves and the future leading to suicidal ideation (Coon et al. 2022). Insecurity and confusion can lead to a poor perception of the value of living.
One of the best theories to help a victim of bullying is Erikson’s psychosocial stages theory. The theory can help parents or teachers strive to understand the effect of bullying such as insecurity and confusion (Coon et al. 2022). For instance, helping a teenager to resolve their insecurity and confusion will create a successful adolescent life (Wang, 2016). Providing a supportive environment and eliminating the risk of bullying can enhance the quality of life.

Coon, D., Mitterer, J.O., & Martini, T. (2022). Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior (16th ed.). Cengage Learning.
Wang, Y. (2016). After years of alleged bullying, an Ohio teen killed herself. Is her school district responsible? The Washington Post.

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