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Posted: December 9th, 2021

SOCW6090 WK2 Assgn 2 Assignment: Video Role-Play

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SOCW6090 WK2 Assgn 2
Assignment: Video Role-Play: Strengths and Weaknesses of the DSM-5
Though the DSM-5 is the standard manual for mental illness diagnoses, it is not without weakness. In this Assignment, you analyze the strengths and limitations of the DSM-5 diagnostic system, and you differentiate between normal behavior and diagnosable symptoms using the concepts of dimensionality and spectrum.

To prepare: Review the concept of the dimensional approach with the DSM-5 and review the methods that the DSM-5 recommends to individualize where a person fits on a continuum of their illness in terms of subtypes, severity, and functional impairments. You will find these classifications in different parts of the manual and begin to be comfortable looking through it.

Next, imagine the following scenario:

You are a school social worker who has been asked to address a parent-teacher association meeting. Many parents in the audience have children who have been identified for special education services. They are confused about how to understand the diagnoses they are seeing. Others have worries about overdiagnosis. You have been advised that while these parents are generally well-informed, many don’t understand the dimensional or spectrum aspects. All are worried.

You will start your video with your introductory talk to the parents on these factors. After you provide your explanation, imagine that you open the meeting to questions. You will address the question noted below that is posed by a parent in the audience. Consider your audience, and practice explaining in terms a non-professional might understand. Do NOT read from the book.

Review the questions (in the Assignment instructions below) ahead of time and plan your answer before recording, as you will need to look up and integrate materials to answer the chosen question.



By Day 7
Submit a 3- to 5-minute video, considering the parents as your audience, in which you do the following:

Briefly describe what the DSM-5 is and how it is organized. In your description, define the concepts of spectrum and dimensionality as explained by Paris and in the DSM-5 introduction.
Explain why social workers and mental health professionals use diagnoses and what receiving a diagnosis means (and does not mean).
Explain general concerns about the risks of overdiagnosis and misdiagnosis versus not diagnosing. Also explain how diagnosis is connected to services.
Explain other details that might help your audience understand the strengths and weaknesses of the diagnostic system.
Provide a response to the following parental questions:
My teenager’s best friend died by suicide this year. It’s been months, and she doesn’t seem over it. Her teachers tell me she should get help for depression, but I think it’s just grief. She talks about her friend all the time and gets very upset. I am worried about her. Is it normal for her to still be feeling this way? I don’t want to put her on medication for normal feelings. What is the difference between grief and depression?

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Assignment 2: SOCW6090 WK2 Assgn 2 DSM-5 Strengths and Weaknesses: Video Role-Play
Despite being the primary manual for diagnosing mental disorder, the DSM-5 suffers from some flaws. You will use the ideas of dimensionality and spectrum to distinguish between normal behavior and diagnosable symptoms as part of your analysis of the DSM-5 diagnostic system.

To get ready: It’s important that you understand the DSM-5’s dimensional approach and how you might use it to determine how your illness affects you on a continuum, including subtypes, severity levels, and functional limitations. As you read through the guidebook, you’ll see these classifications popping up in various places.

As a follow-up, imagine this scenario:

At a parent-teacher association meeting, you are the school social worker. There are a number of parents in the crowd with children who have been diagnosed with special needs. They are baffled by the diagnosis they are receiving. Overdiagnosis is a concern for some people. Although these parents are normally well-informed, many of them do not appreciate the dimensional or spectrum components of autism. You’ve been cautioned. Everyone is concerned.

You will begin your video with a discussion of these factors with the parents. Open the meeting to questions after you’ve given your explanation. You’ll answer the following question from a parent in the audience: Be mindful of your audience and speak to them in language they can understand. Using the book as a guide, do not read.

In order to answer a question, you will need to research and synthesize information from a variety of sources, so plan your answer ahead of time.




Make a 3- to 5-minute film, focusing on your audience’s parents, and submit it by Day 7

Briefly explain the structure of the DSM-5. As mentioned by Paris and in the DSM-5 introduction, describe the spectrum and dimensionality in your description.
The purpose of diagnosing and what it means to be diagnosed by social workers and mental health experts should be explained (and does not mean).
Concerns of overdiagnosis and misdiagnosis vs not being diagnosed should be discussed in general terms. Additionally, describe the link between diagnosis and service.
Discuss other aspects of the diagnostic system that can assist your readers better grasp its strengths and drawbacks.
Provide your answer to the following questions from your parents:
This year, my teen’s best buddy committed suicide. It’s been months, and she still hasn’t recovered from it. Grief, not depression, is the problem, according to her professors. Incessantly broaches the subject of her friend, to the point where she becomes distraught. I’m concerned about her safety. Does she seem out of the ordinary in her current state of mind? I don’t want to put her on medication because she’s having a bad day. Why does grieving vary from depression?


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