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Posted: August 7th, 2023

Self-Reflection on the Applicability of Nursing Theories in Practice

Considering all your discussion topics, develop a self-reflection that summarizes the Nursing Theories that you considered more applicable in your practice.

Self-Reflection on the Applicability of Nursing Theories in Practice

As an experienced nurse, my journey in the world of healthcare has been shaped by the application of various nursing theories. These theories, founded on empirical evidence and scholarly research, serve as foundational frameworks guiding the delivery of patient care and the development of nursing practice. In this self-reflection, I will explore and summarize the nursing theories that I consider most applicable in my practice, drawing insights from recent peer-reviewed sources and updated data to support my reflections.

I. The Humanistic Nursing Theory:

One of the nursing theories that has resonated deeply with me is the Humanistic Nursing Theory, which places emphasis on the human experience, individual needs, and the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. Coined by Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad, this theory views nursing as an interpersonal process wherein the nurse interacts with the patient holistically, considering their emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects alongside physical health.

Through the application of this theory, I have witnessed profound improvements in patient outcomes. By creating a caring and empathetic environment, patients often feel more empowered to participate actively in their own care, leading to enhanced recovery rates and overall satisfaction with the healthcare experience.

II. The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM):

The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, developed by James O. Prochaska and Carlo C. DiClemente, is another nursing theory that I have found to be highly applicable in my practice. TTM emphasizes the process of change, identifying stages that individuals go through when modifying behaviors, such as adopting healthier lifestyles or adhering to treatment regimens.

Utilizing TTM in my nursing practice has allowed me to tailor interventions and educational approaches according to the patient’s readiness to change. By understanding the unique challenges patients face at each stage, I have been able to provide targeted support and motivational strategies, thereby fostering successful behavior change and improving long-term health outcomes.

III. The Neuman Systems Model:

Betty Neuman’s Systems Model, a comprehensive and holistic nursing theory, has significantly influenced my practice. This model views individuals as dynamic systems, influenced by various stressors and interacting with their environments. The primary goal of nursing, according to this theory, is to maintain patient stability and promote optimal wellness.

By employing the Neuman Systems Model, I have been able to identify and address stressors affecting patients, considering physical, psychological, and socio-cultural factors. This approach has enabled me to intervene proactively, preventing potential complications and enhancing the overall well-being of patients.

IV. The Transcultural Nursing Theory:

As the global population becomes increasingly diverse, transcultural nursing has emerged as a crucial aspect of healthcare delivery. Madeleine Leininger’s Transcultural Nursing Theory emphasizes the importance of cultural competence in providing effective care to patients from different cultural backgrounds.

In my practice, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of embracing cultural sensitivity. By acknowledging and respecting cultural beliefs and practices, I have built trustful relationships with patients and their families, leading to improved communication and better health outcomes.

In conclusion, my self-reflection on the applicability of nursing theories in my practice highlights the vital role these frameworks play in guiding patient care. The Humanistic Nursing Theory emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, promoting patient empowerment and well-being. The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change facilitates successful behavior modification through tailored interventions. The Neuman Systems Model allows for a holistic assessment and proactive intervention to maintain patient stability and wellness. Finally, the Transcultural Nursing Theory underscores the significance of cultural competence in delivering patient-centered care to diverse populations.

As a nurse, these theories have shaped my approach to patient care, making me more sensitive, adaptable, and empathetic. By integrating evidence-based nursing theories into my practice, I continue to strive for excellence in delivering compassionate, patient-centered care.


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