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Posted: October 27th, 2022

Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health NURS 6050

Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health
NURS 6050
Title of Paper
(Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief Assignment)

Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief Assignment for Part 1 and Part 2
Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid
Identify the Population Health concern you selected.
Drugs and substance abuse crisis
Describe the Population Health concern you selected and the factors that contribute to it. The population health concern of drug and substance abuse in America is worrying due to the escalating deaths and related losses. CDC estimates that drug and substance abuse is a health concern affecting the American youth generation (Congress, 2019). Nearly 841,000 people have died since 1999 while 70,630 people died in 2019 alone, a 4 percent rise from 2018 (Ignaszewski, 2021). The worrying statistics demonstrate need for action.
Administration (President Name) President Biden President Trump President Obama
Describe the administrative agenda focus related to this issue for the current and two previous presidents. Joe Biden in 2022 released strategies such as treatment and disrupting trafficking of drugs (Keyes et al., 2022). In 2017, president Trump declared war against drugs such as safer opioids prescription to prevent more people from getting addicted (White House, 2018).
President Obama initiated programs to treat people with drugs and substance addiction to prevent deterioration of the condition (White House, 2018).

Identify the allocations of financial and other resources that the current and two previous presidents dedicated to this issue.
Joe Biden has allocated $125 billion to fight substance abuse (Keyes et al., 2022).
Trump allocated $6 billion in 2018 (White House, 2018).
Obama signed $1.1 billion in 2016 to combat the health issue (Congress, 2019).
Explain how each of the presidential administrations approached the issue.
President Biden has three-fold strategy of saving lives, expanding treatment, and disrupting trafficking (Keyes et al., 2022).

President Trump’s strategy was to prevent shipping of drugs and expand treatment (White House, 2018).

President Obama initiated measures to enhance prevention and criminal justice enforcement of laws and educate youths on dangers of drugs (White House, 2018).

Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis
Administration (President Name) President Joe Biden President Trump President Obama
Which administrative agency would most likely be responsible for helping you address the healthcare issue you selected?
Joe Biden is likely you help in addressing the crisis due to the elaborate plan and high funding.
President’s Trumps approach seems less effective due to low funding.
President Obama’s approach is likely to work due to the aspect of educating youths on the danger of drugs.

How do you think your selected healthcare issue might get on the agenda for the current and two previous presidents? How does it stay there? The healthcare issue can get on the agenda of the sitting president since it is affecting millions of youths, parents, schools, communities, and governments. For instance, 70,630 people died of drug abuse in 2019 alone. The high number shows the need for action. The drug and substance issue is likely to be striking for former governments since it is a historical issue affecting the society. America has seen nearly 840,000 deaths since 1999 related to drug abuse. President Obama can get the attention of the health issue since he had indicated during his tenure that educating the youth is one of the approaches to address the crisis.
Who would you choose to be the entrepreneur/ champion/sponsor of the healthcare issue you selected for the current and two previous presidents? President Joe Biden would be the best sponsor of the healthcare issue since his administration has high funding and is passionate about the problem. He effective in mobilizing the Congress to take action against the issue.
President Trump makes him the third best in sponsoring the bill since he was radical about the drug abuse issue. For instance, he indicated the need to build a wall to avoid drug trafficking. The wall is incomplete and thus the drugs are still coming into America.

President Obama is the second best sponsor of the healthcare issue due to his advocacy on educating young people to avoid getting into drug and substance abuse. Drug and substance abuse is

Narrative with the Facts
The health issue of drugs and substance abuse is essential since it is causing massive deaths and loss of talented people in the country. Deaths include of the victims of drugs and substance abuse and people who fall victim of their crime or risky behavior (Ignaszewski et al., 2021). For instance, young people under the influence of drugs drive recklessly on the roads causing preventable accidents. In other cases, they engage in mass shootings in schools and malls. Addressing the problem of drugs and substance abuse in the American society is vital (Ignaszewski et al., 2021). It will shield the youths from using other dangerous drugs that can interfere with their cognitive abilities such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.
The issue should be an agenda for legislation due to the escalating number of people using drugs, deaths, and loss of moral direction as a society. The legislative body should discuss ways of ensuring children do not get access to drugs. Access to drugs satisfies their curiosity and makes them explorative. The process of exploring different drugs makes them addicts (Keyes et al., 2022). Addicted students have a high risk of school dropout. In other cases, they join violent gangs that disrupt peace on the streets. Legislation is essential to ensure schools are taking a proactive role in educating children about the risks of taking drugs. The policies will integrate state, city, and district officials in taking measures to counter the menace.
The role of the nurse is to educate patients or addicts of drugs and substance abuse about the health effects of the drugs (Keyes et al., 2022). Nurses play an educative role while helping patients to overcome addiction through therapeutic interventions. Another role is to advocate for better policies to address the drugs and substance abuse in the society.

Congress, U. S. (2019). Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016. In US Congress.
Ignaszewski, M. J. (2021). The epidemiology of drug abuse. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 61, S10-S17.
Keyes, L., Bing III, R. L., & Keyes, V. D. (2022). America’s Anti-Drug Abuse Act, the Disproportionality of Drug Laws on Blacks: A Policy Analysis.
White House. (2018). Ending America’s Opioid Crisis. White House. Retrieved from https://www.whitehouse.gov/opioids/

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