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Posted: July 26th, 2023

Palliative Care: Chronic Illness in Rural Settings

Palliative Care: Chronic Illness in Rural Settings

Module 9 & 10: Palliative Care

Importance of Transparent Communication in Palliative Care Teams

Transparent communication is a fundamental aspect of team effectiveness, as it cultivates mutual understanding, trust, and respect among team members. Within the healthcare context, clear communication plays a pivotal role in reducing errors, enhancing patient outcomes, and fostering cohesive teams (Lowey, 2015). It is essential to recognize that nonverbal communication, such as body language, can also convey significant messages and emotions that can influence team performance.

Ensuring Safe and Well-Coordinated Transitions in Palliative Care

To facilitate a safe and well-coordinated transition of patients like Mr. Abram to their homes, effective communication tactics are paramount. This involves timely and explicit transmission of information, continuous updates among team members, and collaborative efforts in care planning (Backman et al., 2017). The involvement of various disciplines, including physical and occupational therapies and social work, is critical to ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

Inter-professional Collaboration and Areas for Improvement

In my nursing practice, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a physical therapist in designing a treatment plan for a patient who underwent a hip replacement procedure. This experience has taught me the value of active listening, respecting the knowledge of other disciplines, and being receptive to acquiring new skills. As I reflect on my collaboration-related abilities, I recognize that areas for improvement include strengthening my communication skills, seeking input from other team members, and taking a proactive approach to engage different disciplines in care planning.

The Vital Role of Coordination, Communication, and Hand-offs in Patient Care

In palliative care, coordination, clear communication, and effective hand-offs play a pivotal role in ensuring patient safety and the delivery of quality care. Coordination among team members reduces the likelihood of errors, prevents duplicated efforts, and ensures timely and efficient delivery of medical attention to patients. Clear communication is crucial to ensure that every team member is well-informed and aware of their respective roles. Additionally, efficient hand-offs are essential to maintain continuity of care and prevent any gaps that could lead to adverse consequences.

Impact on Healthcare Expenditures

Emphasizing care coordination, open lines of communication, and smooth hand-offs can significantly reduce healthcare expenditures. By working together effectively, hospital stays can be shortened, and unnecessary treatments and tests can be avoided. Effective communication can also minimize the need for costly rework and errors (Lowey, 2015). Furthermore, streamlined hand-offs can help avoid unnecessary readmissions and ensure that patients receive the appropriate treatment in the most suitable setting, thereby contributing to cost savings.


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