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Posted: January 30th, 2024

NURS-4015-01 Population and Community Health Nursing

NURS-4015-01 Population and Community Health Nursing
One mechanism of beginning to gain familiarity with determinants of health within a community is to perform a windshield survey. This can be accomplished by either driving or walking through your community of interest (My community of interest for practicum setting is People with developmental disability that lives in a group home. They also attend day program), optionally spending some time in public spaces in observation, and assessing services related to health, economics, and social structure of the environment.

Rector and Stanley (2022) provide guidelines for a Community Familiarization (Windshield) Survey (Figure 15-3, p. 433) that should be used as the outline for your assessment. Please become acquainted with the survey categories prior to conducting the assessment. You will notice that the guidelines also asks at several points for information that you may need to research outside of your observation ( e.g. rates of unemployment).


Compose a scholarly paper to summarize your windshield survey. Write the paper in APA style, using the windshield survey guidelines on p 433 of our textbook and the following guidelines for structure of the paper. Note that there a specific points that should be addressed in the analysis/conclusion. Include a properly formatted title page and reference page, in addition to 4-6 pages of content. Support your content with at least five scholarly references. Primary sources of community data ( e.g., US Census) will be considered as scholarly references for this assignment.

Components of the Paper:

Title Page – create a page header with the page number in the upper right corner; omit the running head
Body of the paper
Use the Title of the Paper as a level 1 heading for your introductory paragraph. This heading is centered, in title case, with a bold font.
Physical Environment (Level 1 heading)
Economic Considerations (Level 1 heading)
Services (Level 1 heading)
Social Structure (Level 1 heading)
Analysis and Conclusion (Level 1 heading)
From your observations: what community level determinants stand out to you as potential contributors to population health, community and /or public health. How so? (please choose 3) Do these determinants have the potential to affect health equity? How so? Do these determinants have the ability to affect preparation or impact for disaster or public health emergency*? How so?
*Emergency and Disaster Preparedness is covered in Module 6. For this assignment, please work from your own current state of knowledge on disaster preparedness and response, and this module’s readings.


Rector, C., & Stanley, M. J. (2022). Community and public health nursing: Promoting the public’s health (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

A Windshield Survey of Services and Determinants of Health in a Community for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
This paper will summarize observations from a windshield survey conducted of the community that provides services and housing for individuals with developmental disabilities. The purpose of the survey was to become familiar with the physical environment, economic considerations, available services, and social structure of the community in order to identify potential determinants of health for this population.
Physical Environment
The community is located in a suburban area just outside of a major city. Housing consists of group homes that are spaced throughout residential neighborhoods. This integration into the community helps promote inclusion and social interaction. The homes are in good condition and meet accessibility standards. Nearby are parks and recreational facilities that provide opportunities for physical activity. Sidewalks are in good repair but do not fully connect all areas, which could impact mobility for some. The climate is temperate.
Economic Considerations

According to the US Census Bureau, the median household income of the county is $87,650 which is above the national average. However, 14% of residents live below the poverty level. As individuals with disabilities often rely on government benefits for income, poverty rates in this population may be higher. The local unemployment rate is 4.2% which is lower than the national rate of 5.7% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022). Job opportunities for those able to work are important for economic well-being.
A wide variety of services are available to support this community. Each group home is staffed 24/7 by caregivers. A nearby day program and vocational training center provide daily activities and skills development. Specialized medical clinics and therapists address both physical and behavioral health needs. The public transportation system, which includes paratransit services, provides access to these resources as well as the broader community. Local nonprofit agencies also offer advocacy, respite care, and social recreation programs.
Social Structure

Individuals with disabilities are fully integrated members of the community. Many long-time residents are familiar and comfortable with their neighbors who have disabilities. The local school district has an inclusive model and students of all abilities attend neighborhood schools together. Community events are universally accessible. Overall, a culture of acceptance and support exists.
Analysis and Conclusion
Three key determinants of health stand out from this survey. Access to services, especially those that support daily living, medical care, and community participation can significantly impact quality of life and well-being. Economic security, including availability of living-wage jobs and benefits, is also important for health. Finally, a socially-supportive community that promotes inclusion reduces isolation and empowerment, which are protective factors. These determinants intersect and their influence could exacerbate health inequities for those with disabilities compared to the general population. They also impact preparation for emergencies by determining access to resources during crisis events. Overall, this community has strengths but continued efforts are needed to fully address health for all.
Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022). Local area unemployment statistics. https://www.bls.gov/lau/
Rector, C., & Stanley, M. J. (2022). Community and public health nursing: Promoting the public’s health (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.
US Census Bureau. (2020). QuickFacts. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts


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