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Posted: February 9th, 2023

Mark is excited to begin training as an emergency department nurse

Case Study: Mark
Read the case study provided and answer the questions in a Microsoft Word document. Each response should be a minimum of 5 sentences in length, clear and concise, and use correct grammar.

Case Study
Meet Mark.

Mark is excited to begin training as an emergency department nurse. On his first day, the nurse training him makes multiple negative remarks about the physician on duty. “Don’t ever make a suggestion, or she’ll ream you out. You have to walk on eggshells around her.” Later, another nurse is showing Mark where the supplies are kept. She tells him, “If you can’t find things, don’t call Central Supply because they’ll get on your back about wasting resources. It’s better to keep a few key things like IV start kits hidden so you can grab them when you need them.”

Three emergency department nurses standing next to a patient bed

Toward the end of his shift, a nurse assistant tells Mark a patient is vomiting violently in one of the examination rooms. However, Mark walks in to find the patient sitting up smiling, and only a small amount of emesis in the basin. He hears muffled laughter coming from the hallway. Later in the shift, the nurse who is training Mark comments, “Hope you don’t mind a little kidding around. This job can get to you, and it’s good to laugh when we can.”

The remainder of his training is free of other incidents and, overall, goes well.

Case Study Questions
What kind of culture best describes this department based on the scenario? Support your reasoning.
What appears to be the implicit rules of the emergency department of this organization?
Mark used respectful communication to optimize his relationships with the Central Supply staff, the nurse assistants, and the nurse training him. What barriers might exist in building respectful dialogue?
In what ways are you like Mark? In what ways are you different?

Submission and Assessment Guidelines
Submit your Microsoft Word document with the questions clearly listed and answered. All of the questions MUST be answered in your document.
It is expected that your answers are free of grammatical errors and in complete sentences, where appropriate.
This activity will be submitted via Turnitin. For instructions on how to view this rubric, review Viewing Rubrics in Canvas on Turnitin Assignments Download Viewing Rubrics in Canvas on Turnitin Assignments.
Review the Case Study Rubric for grading criteria.
This activity is worth 100 points.v

The culture of this department based on the scenario appears to be negative and toxic. The nurse training Mark makes negative remarks about the physician on duty, and the other nurses share stories of how to avoid getting in trouble with Central Supply and how to hide supplies. This suggests a culture of fear and mistrust.
The implicit rules of the emergency department appear to be to avoid making suggestions or calling Central Supply, and to hide supplies to avoid getting in trouble. There also seems to be a culture of joking and teasing, as the nurse training Mark suggests that “kidding around” is a way to cope with the job.
Some barriers that might exist in building respectful dialogue include the negative culture and mistrust that seems to be present in the department, as well as the fear of retaliation for speaking up or making suggestions. Additionally, the culture of joking and teasing may make it difficult for individuals to take communication seriously or be taken seriously when they express concerns.
I am similar to Mark in that I am an individual who is trying to navigate a new work environment and build relationships with my colleagues. I am different from Mark in that I have not yet experienced the negative culture and implicit rules that he encountered in his emergency department.
The culture of the emergency department in this scenario appears to be negative and toxic, with implicit rules that discourage communication and discourage employees from speaking up or seeking help. This can make it difficult for individuals like Mark to navigate and build respectful relationships with their colleagues. This is a problem that should be addressed to ensure the well-being of employees and the overall effectiveness of the department.

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