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Posted: March 2nd, 2022


Answer the fallowing questions everything is provided to answer. I need each question completed exactly how the question is asking, please and thank you.

1. Level of Management (Chapter 1; Section 1.3; Week 2 in Canvas)

A. Check or mark Coach Harbaugh’s level of management

__Top/Executive Level __Middle Level __First-Line/Level

B. Explain 1-2 detailed reason(s) why or how he illustrates that level versus at least one other level listed.
C. In regard to Managerial functions and responsibilities, explain 1-2 ways he illustrates the importance of the controlling function/responsibility. (Hint: In addition to section 1.3, refer to the What do Managers really do video.)

D. For two (2) management skills (i.e., Conceptual, Human, &/or Technical, explain 1-2 detailed ways eachof the two is applied by Coach Harbaugh in accomplishing his managerial job (level) as noted in 1A&B. (Note: Explain each skill separately and state which skill you are explaining.)

2. Refer to Section 1.2 and The Roles of Managers video linked in Week 2. Explain (in detail) how Coach Harbaugh illustrates one of Mintzberg’s Informational roles and one of Mintzberg’s Decisional roles as Head Coach.

3.A. Briefly (but completely) explain a detailed example that illustrates whether Coach Harbaugh is more Theory X or Theory Y. (Hint: Refer to the Theory X and Theory Y orientations survey and attached information found in the Week 1 Surveys.)

B. Explain 1-2 detailed reasons why this orientation helps Coach Harbaugh be successful as the Head Coach and in accomplishing his goals.

4. Emotional Intelligence: Explain why two (of the four) components of Emotional Intelligence contribute to (or detract from) Coach Harbaugh’s success. (Refer to Chapter 2, Section 2.2, EQ video linked to Canvas, and the new summary of EQ found above the video)
5.A. Briefly explain 1-2 different detailed reasons why Coach Harbaugh will be engaging a non-programmed or programmed (i.e., high versus low involvement) decision making when addressing what he learned from employees. (Section 2.3)

B. Refer to Section 2.4 in Week 3. Explain 1-2 ways Coach Harbaugh appears to reduce the negative influences of bounded rationality, escalation of commitment, or personal bias. Be sure to state which bias you are explaining.

C. Now, refer to the decision-making (DM) techniques suggested in the two required DM videos in Week 3 (not the EQ video). Explain 1-2 detailed reasons why one suggestion from the two DM videos could address the barrier you describe in 5(A) or help the Coach make decisions based on employee input.

The video suggestions include: (1st video) compare possible outcomes, two minute diversion, or think about decision in 3rd person from a different point of view and/or (2nd video) challenge the constraints, embrace a pre-mortem, or check the basics before making a decision.

6. Dimensions of Organizational Culture (refer to Week 5 Culture reading and video–not to section 4.5 in OpenStax text).

A. Explain (in relevant details) how Coach Harbaugh has established 2-3 different dimensions of organizational culture. Hint: The dimensions are illustrated and explained in Exhibit 7.5 (culture video) and Figure 8.4 (in culture reading). You are to explain specifically one way each of your 2-3 dimensions applies to the Coaching and player culture as noted in the Coach Harbaugh video and/or website.

B. Explain (in relevant details) 1-2 different ways (or signs) employees and players can learn about the Baltimore Ravens’ cultural dimensions [e.g., stories, hero (heroes), physical layout, language, etc.] you explain in 5A. Be sure to match the sign(s) with at least one cultural dimension you explain in 5A. You’ll explain the match in 5C.

C. Explain how at least one sign you describe above in 5B reinforces the Baltimore Ravens’ mission, high level of performance, and at least one cultural dimension that you mention in 5A.

7. Refer to the 2021 staff http://www.ravenspr.com/media_guide/FRONT_OFFICE.pdf

A. Briefly (but concisely) explain 1-2 reasons that justify which one of the six structural Designs (illustrated in Exh. 4.6; section 4.3 in Module 4) is illustrated by the Baltimore Ravens’ organization (as depicted in the staff directory).

B. Explain 1-2 reasons why the structural design you identify above is more organic or mechanistic (Exhibit 4.5 section 4.3; Module 4).

C. Explain 1-2 ways Coach Harbaugh and the organization reduce the disadvantages of being more organic or mechanistic (as you noted in 7B.) Hint: refer to the first paragraphs of Steve Saunders (p. 43) and Pat Moriarty (p. 59) of the media guide (noted in #7) for more examples than are provided in the information about Coach Harbaugh.

D. Span of Control (Chapter 4; section 4.3; Chapter 10, section 10.1; and Module 4 video). Briefly explain 1-2 reasons why Coach Harbaugh would have the offensive, defensive, and special teams staff report to the three Coordinators versus having them all report to him (with no or fewer coordinators).

8. Refer to Chapter 3. Explain 1-2 detailed ways Coach Harbaugh appears to apply the Human Relations Movement (section 3.6) or the Contingency school of management (section 3.7).

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