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Posted: December 2nd, 2022

M3.4: Assignment: Contribution to Society

11/30/22, 12:32 PM M3.4: Assignment: Contribution to Society
https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/assignments/897001 1/3
M3.4: Assignment: Contribution to Society
Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting an external tool Available after Oct 24 at 12am
Would anti-gang training work in a school setting? Perhaps not. Like any training, a desire to learn on behalf of the participant is
essential. The real question should be, “when would this type of training start?” At what age would participants benefit the most. Of
course, training is not the only issue. Environment is of equal importance. After all, when you live in a pool, you’re going to get wet.
You’re either in or out. Its not that easy to get out once you’re in. Training would benefit participants by giving them the opportunity to
see “what if.” What if I carry a gun? What if I use that gun? Would I get caught? How would my life change if I do? What if I never do
it? Easy questions to answer if you have opportunity. But not everyone does.
A school program and a well-trained school resource officer could be very impactful. They could pave the way for a person whose
opportunity is limited. Perhaps, the program if well-funded could identify prospective candidates who are at risk early enough that
they never join the gang to begin with. This would have to be a special program and would have an impact on those who do not have
similar motivation in their own home. This would be a difficult endeavor but imagine the possibilities. Join a gang, do bad things, go
to jail, or worse die. Don’t join a gang, do great things, get an education; thrive! Would it work? Its certainly WORTH it to try.
Before you proceed, watch the following video:
Preventing Students fr enting Students from Joining Gangs | Jose Segur om Joining Gangs | Jose Segura | TE…
Read the following:
How community initiatives disrupt gang violence (https://www.police1.com/community-policing/articles/how-community initiatives-disrupt-gang-violence-4QAYtnJtzB6hkkTx/)
Evaluating G.R.E.A.T.: A School-Based Gang Prevention Program
Gang Intervention: Keeping Watch in City Schools (https://www.wnyc.org/story/176826-blog-gang-intervention-keeping watch-schools/)
You are now out of prison A condition of your parole was for you to follow through with your intent to leave the gang and become a
11/30/22, 12:32 PM M3.4: Assignment: Contribution to Society
https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/assignments/897001 2/3
You are now out of prison. A condition of your parole was for you to follow through with your intent to leave the gang and become a
good citizen.
You have been put in contact with a resource officer at a local school. If you would like to know more about resource officers, visit the
following page: Frequently Asked Questions about Resource Officers (https://www.nasro.org/faq/)
The school has been having issues with gang activity and specifically with gang members from outside the school recruiting
vulnerable students. The resource officer would like for you to help put together a program to prevent students from wanting to join
For this assignment you will create an action plan that covers what should be done in the school. At a minimum, your action plan
should cover the following:
What should be included in the school’s action plan?
Who will be responsible for making sure the plan is executed and followed through?
How will the plan be rolled out and utilized?
Where will the resources for the plan come from?
When will the plan be rolled out and how often will it be reviewed and updated?
When researching your responses to these questions for an action plan in a school, think about how it could be expanded to the
community. In Module 4 you will be expanding and creating a community strategic plan.
Submit your action plan as a Word document or PDF.
This assignment uses Turnitin (https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/pages/turnitin-instructions) .
Assignments are worth 50% of your final grade and this assignment will be assessed using the rubric below. Review the rubric
carefully and contact your instructor if anything is unclear to you.
How to Create an Action
(https://www.indeed.com/career advice/career development/how-to-write-an action-plan)
Rubric (https://excelsior.instructure
Return to Learning Pathway (https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/pages/module-3-learning-pathway)
11/30/22, 12:32 PM M3.4: Assignment: Contribution to Society
https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/assignments/897001 3/3
M3.4: Assignment: Contribution to Society
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