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Posted: July 12th, 2023

Intro to American Government

Intro to American Government. Documentary – Questioning the Constitution: This documentary features experts discussing a variety of aspects of the Constitution they believe have created problems throughout American history, and needed updating, or still need updating to this day.

Watch the following:

VPM Documentaries | Questioning the Constitution | Season 2020 | PBS

write a reflection based on your experience. This reflection will constitute roughly two paragraphs (around 8-10 sentences)

What did you learn from the materials this week? Did you encounter something new, or was your previous belief about something changed?

How do the different materials you encountered this week relate to one another? Think of interesting ways to draw connections between whatever you read, watched, and/or interacted with.

How do these materials relate to something talked about in this week’s lectures?

Do the materials relate to your own personal life in some way? How so?

Do you agree or disagree with the materials presented? Why or why not? Did the creators miss something, or get something wrong?

Some materials will be primarily evidence-based, but others may involve reading/watching people relate their personal experiences on some political topic. Were you emotionally affected by any of the materials in the latter case?

Did any of the materials help you to gain some greater insight into what you believe or care about?

Assignments will be graded out of 16 points, based on the following rubric:

16 Points – Exemplary (reserved for particularly thoughtful, lengthy, nuanced, and/or well-sourced submissions)

14-15 Points – Satisfactory in length/quality, but does not stand out (the expected median grade for a submission)

10 Points – Unsatisfactory (does not reflect meaningful effort – for work that is too short or shallow in quality)

0 Points – Submission is irrelevant, far too short, contains inappropriate/hostile language

Make sure your response reflects evidence of having read/watch/interacted with all the required materials! For instance, if you watched a movie and took a personality test, your response should thoughtfully discuss BOTH these materials at length.

Do not merely summarize the material – we want to know what you think about it

Do not “pretend” to have watched/read the material

You can almost certainly improve your grade by writing at greater length, and/or writing more thoughtfully.

Read the following:

Short Article – Hulse, Carl. “Democrats, Converted to Filibuster Foes, Are Set to Force the Issue.” The New York Times, June 4, 2021: Discusses the recent battle over the filibuster.

Documentary – Questioning the Constitution: This documentary features experts discussing a variety of aspects of the Constitution they believe have created problems throughout American history, and needed updating, or still need updating to this day.

From the description of the documentary “Questioning the Constitution,” it seems that the experts featured in the film analyze various aspects of the Constitution that they believe have caused problems throughout American history and may require updating. This perspective reflects the ongoing debate surrounding the interpretation and relevance of the Constitution in modern times.

While I cannot provide specific insights into the documentary or article you mentioned, I can offer some general thoughts on the topic. The Constitution of the United States has always been a subject of discussion and contention. Its interpretation and application have evolved over time as society has changed. Different individuals and groups have diverse perspectives on its effectiveness and the need for amendments.

These materials likely provide a critical examination of the Constitution and its impact on American history. They may touch upon issues such as the balance of power, representation, individual rights, or the amendment process. Such discussions are essential for a healthy democracy, as they encourage reflection, debate, and potential improvements to the governing system.

It is crucial to approach these materials with an open mind and critically evaluate the arguments presented. While personal beliefs and values may influence one’s perspective, it is important to consider a range of viewpoints and evidence. The Constitution is a foundational document that has shaped the American political system, and understanding its strengths and weaknesses is vital for informed civic participation.

In relation to this week’s lectures, these materials likely complement the discussions on the structure and principles of American government. They may provide additional context and perspectives on the Constitution’s role in shaping the country’s governance and the ongoing debates surrounding its interpretation.

As for the personal impact of these materials, it would depend on an individual’s engagement with the topics and their existing knowledge and experiences. Some may find the discussions emotionally affecting, particularly if they challenge deeply held beliefs or shed light on historical injustices or controversies.

In terms of agreement or disagreement with the materials, it is challenging to provide a definitive answer without access to their specific content. However, it is essential to approach differing viewpoints with respect and intellectual curiosity. Engaging in constructive dialogue can help uncover nuanced insights and potential areas of common ground.

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