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Posted: December 2nd, 2022


Racism in health care system

Find the attached document and a photo. You’re suppossed to handle methodology part only. The photo attached has the parts that you should do that are marked with green I.e Research Approach, Participants, Research Methods, Data Analysis, Timelines. References should have links.

Community & Health Studies, School of Nursing & Personal Support Worker
Evidence-Base Decision Making HLTH9216 Credit Value: 6
Evaluation: Research Proposal
Value: 30% of final grade
Due Date: As per the course Teaching and Learning Plan
Expectation: Utilizing the information from course material and discussion, as well as
additional research complete the assignment as outlined in the description. This is a
group assignment. The final submission is to be completed in appropriate APA format,
with all researched material cited in the appropriate APA style. The assignment is to be
a minimum of 20 pages (double spaced) in length (not including title page, reference
list or appendices)
Submission: Submitted electronically on Blackboard
Description: Research Proposal
1. The purpose of this exercise is to develop the student’s ability to develop a
proposal to conduct applied research relevant to their area of study. As a
graduate certificate student, it is important that you are able to develop research
activities that aid in the implementation of evidence-based decision making. For
this assignment students will identify a qualitative, quantitative or mixed
methods research approach.
2. The proposal will be based on a healthcare issue as identified by the group and
approved by the professor. The assignment will include both a ‘research topic
proposal’ and a ‘research proposal’.
3. Information obtained through the Literature Review assignment may be used
for the Literature Review section of the proposal. Group members are
encouraged to section topics for the Literature Review assignment that are
related to the Research Proposal.
4. This group assignment will provide the foundation for the capstone project in
semester two
5. The proposal must;
• Follow the style of a research paper written according to the latest edition of
the Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association.
• Include contributions from all members
• Include a Research Ethics Board (REB) application document
• Include a sample research tool
• Cite a minimum of 30 separate academic sources. Additional
contemporary sources may be used to augment the review
Proposal Format:
Consider the following when determining the format of the research proposal.
NOTE: Other format that include the key elements of Introduction, Literature Review,
and Methodology are also acceptable
General statement of the problem
In the introduction of the paper, state the nature of the problem to be addressed and the
objectives of the study – what you plan to study. Also, give a brief background for the study,
which includes a brief review of the literature (cite sources according to the latest edition of the
APA manual). End this section by relating the problem and its significance to the general
discipline of study. The focus of this section is to provide a rationale for why this issue should be
e.g. Problem is hypertension and obesity rates in Niagara Region. Plan to study what caused
these rates to develop to their high proportions seen today, how they develop in selected set of
individuals, and how they can be reduced in said individuals for the purpose of health and
Statement of the research question
What do you want to know? This must be written in the form of a question.
e.g. Is there a correlation between obesity and elevated levels of hypertension regarding
individuals aged 13-18 with both in the Niagara Region?
Operational Definition of the research question
Explain the terms that you have used in your question. Do not use general terms, be sure to
clearly define what you mean. For example, do not ask “Will the intervention result in higher
grades on a test?” Identify what the intervention is and what test you are talking about.
e.g. We want to examine if obesity has any causative influence on hypertension levels in
individuals within the specified population. This can be done through observational
descriptive/analytic study at the baseline to gather data, and eventually a Randomized Control
Trial, Cohort Study or even Case-Control Study depending on what data is available for study
population at hand.
Research sub-questions
What are the sub questions that need to be answered in order to help you answer the main
question? These are not the same as interview questions or questions that appear on a
questionnaire or survey. They are higher level questions that ate conceptual. Thee too must be
written in the form of questions
Can there be a confounder to the study findings (e.g. sedentary lifestyle playing heavier influence
in hypertension than obesity, or vice-versa?).
Can lack of exercise play a role in hypertension AND/OR obesity in individuals?
How do social determinants of health play into this – is there any predisposition to acquiring
these states of illness (e.g. lack of healthy school cafeteria options)?
(anything conceptual that targets your topic at hand, anything that you believe will help you get a
more accurate answer to your research question)
Statement of Hypotheses
Clearly identify your expected findings (alternate hypothesis) and your null hypothesis
Null Hypotheses – there is not a significant association interpreted as positive correlation
between obesity and hypertension regarding individuals aged 13-18 in the Niagara Region.
Alternate Hypotheses – there is a significant association interpreted as positive correlation
between obesity and hypertension regarding individuals aged 13-18 in the Niagara Region.
Literature Review
I section for each topic or concept that relates to your research proposal. It is likely that you may
have between 3 and 5 topic areas, with each area potentially having sub-topics. Each section
should clearly outline key theories and studies related to the identified topic.
Highlights the key components of each topic area as it relates to your research question. This
section is intended to frame the need for your study and the existing research that relates to the
This section must be written in third person, impersonal form – future tense. Describe EXACTLY
what you will do with respect to your procedures. This should be detailed enough for the reader
to have an accurate idea of what will be done in the study. In this section, you should identify the
type of study that you will be conducting (i.e., Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Research) and the
method used. Identify the type of sampling technique that you have selected and explain how it
will be employed. You should also include the validity and reliability of the instruments, and an
explanation of how it is administered and scored. This section should also include references that
support why the methods you have decided upon are appropriate for your study.
Research Approach
It is recommended that you follow an Action Research approach, but other such approaches
appropriate for applied research can also be utilized.
Identify who will be part of the study and how they were selected. This section should make
reference to a letter of consent.
e.g. Individuals with BMI scale score rating as “obese” and/or clinical high blood pressure, aged
13-18, were selected and agreed voluntarily to a letter of consent with the option of dropping out
of study at any time if need be.
Ties back to research question – specified age = participants, indicate how selection was made
(what criteria was developed for selection, note any group stratification your study may have –
solely obese individuals, solely high blood pressure individuals, individuals with both).
Research Methods
Clearly state the tool(s) to be used in collecting the data. This section should make reference to
any specific tool used
e.g. observational study – rates were taken at a given time interval of two weeks for three months
to collect quantitative data on BMI scale score variation and blood pressure. Qualitative data was
collected on patient-by-patient basis, for patient to describe week’s diet and physical activity.
e.g. RCT – individuals were divided into placebo and experimental groups – experimental group
were subjected to .5 hour of cardiovascular exercise five days a week – rates were taken at a
given time interval of two weeks for three months to collect data on BMI scale score variation and
blood pressure rates for both groups.
NOTE – in RCT example, argument must be made in introduction / lit review that exercise leads
to drop in BMI score (drop in obesity rate), and that if there is a correlation between obesity and
hypertension, hypertension levels should theoretically drop with exercise as well.
Identify any beliefs that you have which have not been verified but may impact on your findings.
Identify things that you believe will negatively impact the study but over which you have no
e.g. Any confounders (e.g. sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, etc.), inaccurate data
reporting/collection, etc.
Data Analysis
Describe the techniques that will be employed to analyze the data collected.
e.g. data software to be used goes here, as well as statistical analysis testing method.
Ethical Issues
Clearly identify your concerns in conducting the research that may have an impact on the
participants of the organization
e.g. if individuals are being asked to follow their normal diet for the study timeframe and
somewhere along this timeframe, individuals are required to fast due to religious/cultural beliefs.
Rule of Thumb – all ethical issues should be made aware to research team prior to study so that
participants can be selected accordingly and so that participants are not negatively impacted.
Provide a timeline for the implementation of the research. Include in this section information on
obtaining permission, developing the research tool, collecting the data, analyzing the data, and
reporting your findings
Significance and Conclusion
Include a discussion on how your prosed research will benefit the healthcare field. Demonstrate
how it is unique and different from other studies. Identify how it will lead to improvements from
previous studies.
e.g. collected data in observational trial between individuals with obesity, individuals with hypertension,
and individuals with both obesity and hypertension, displayed influence between the two illnesses.
When tailoring treatment plan for either obesity/hypertension, healthcare professionals working with
youth should be aware of association these two have.
e.g. through RCT trial, individuals in experimental group undergoing cardiovascular exercise saw an
improvement in both BMI score and blood pressure. Exercise for individuals with both obesity and
hypertension therefore does lead to improvement in youth and can be used as prescribed treatment by
healthcare professionals, where appropriate.

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