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Posted: August 30th, 2023

ELM 580

It is important to integrate multimedia into ELA instruction and assessments when applicable in order to enhance the instruction in order to foster active engagement in literacy and create a supportive learning environment.

For this assignment, create a 250-500 word digital brochure to give to families to highlight two multimedia tools that can be used to enhance literacy instruction. Your digital brochure should show how these tools would engage students in literacy and accommodate students with diverse needs.

For each multimedia tool, include:

Title and description
How the tool will foster students’ learning and active engagement with the subject matter.
How the tool creates a literate environment to engage students in high quality texts.
How the tool can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of students in order to create a supportive learning environment.
The role of family in supporting the learning activity and the use of this tool.
Support your brochure with a minimum of three scholarly resources. ELM 580 —————— Create an ASSESSMENT for the lesson plan attached

Your summative assessment should be designed to determine mastery of identified standards. Prior to completing the assessment, review the pre-assessment to ensure appropriate concepts are measured in the final assessment. Once your summative assessment is complete, ask your mentor teacher to review it for approval.

With permission, administer the assessment to the group of students. You may provide multiple assessment methods (oral, written, technology driven, etc.), and differentiate assessment based on the needs of the students.

Part 2: Provide Feedback

Individually conference and review each student’s assessment results with him or her. During each conference, ask the following questions to engage the student (use pretend names & make believe you did this)

How do you feel about the lesson?
What was most difficult?
What was easy?
During this time, begin with a positive strength of each student. Provide effective, descriptive feedback by identifying instructional goals for the student to continue working on. End on a positive note that shows compassion, justice, and concern.

Part 3: Reflection

Submit a 250-500 word reflection of your experience creating and administering a summative assessment, and providing effective student feedback. Why is it important to provide feedback to students? How will this help them? Did the data you collected in the pre-assessment help you prepare an applicable summative assessment?

ELM 580

Enhancing Literacy through Multimedia Tools: A Digital Brochure

In the dynamic landscape of education, integrating multimedia into English Language Arts (ELA) instruction is becoming increasingly essential to promote active engagement and foster a supportive learning environment. This digital brochure highlights two multimedia tools that are designed to enhance literacy instruction, catering to diverse student needs.

Tool 1: StoryMapJS
Title and Description: StoryMapJS is an interactive mapping tool that allows students to create multimedia narratives by combining text, images, and geographical locations on an interactive map. Students can weave their stories while incorporating relevant locations, fostering a deeper connection to the subject matter.

Fostering Learning and Engagement: StoryMapJS promotes active learning by encouraging students to research, curate, and present information in a cohesive narrative format. The interactive nature of the tool immerses learners in the story, enhancing comprehension and retention.

Creating a Literate Environment: StoryMapJS integrates high-quality texts with geographical contexts, bridging the gap between literature and real-world settings. This approach enhances students’ ability to analyze and interpret texts in meaningful contexts.

Adaptability for Diverse Needs: StoryMapJS accommodates diverse learning styles and needs. Visual learners can engage with images and maps, while text can be adjusted for varying reading levels. For students with disabilities, alt-text for images ensures accessibility.

Family Involvement: Families can support students by exploring the created StoryMap together, encouraging discussions about the chosen narrative, locations, and their relevance. This collaborative approach strengthens familial engagement in literacy activities.

Tool 2: Book Creator
Title and Description: Book Creator is a versatile digital platform that enables students to create their own e-books by combining text, images, audio, and video. This tool empowers students to express their creativity and showcase their understanding of the subject.

Fostering Learning and Engagement: Book Creator engages students in active learning by allowing them to craft their narratives. By integrating multimedia elements, students not only comprehend the content deeply but also apply critical thinking skills.

Creating a Literate Environment: With Book Creator, students become authors, immersing themselves in the world of literature creation. This firsthand experience with the elements of storytelling cultivates a richer understanding of narrative structures and literary devices.

Adaptability for Diverse Needs: Book Creator supports diverse learners through multiple modalities. Students can choose to include audio narration or subtitles, catering to auditory and visual learners. The option to collaborate accommodates different learning paces.

Family Involvement: Families can be involved by becoming an audience for the e-books. Students can read their creations to their families, sparking discussions and enhancing communication skills. This involvement strengthens the bridge between home and school literacy activities.

Scholarly References:

Miller, D., & Sturgis, K. (2019). Multimodal Literacy Pedagogies: Opportunities and Challenges. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice, 68(1), 81-95.
Beavis, C., & Apperley, T. (2017). Creating multimodal texts for English language arts learning: A new toolkit for teachers. English in Education, 51(2), 124-140.
Kajder, S. B., & Bull, G. L. (2016). Digital and Media Literacy in the English Classroom. English Journal, 106(6), 24-31.
Walsh, M. (2018). Multimodal literacy: Researching classroom practices. Routledge.
In conclusion, integrating multimedia tools like StoryMapJS and Book Creator into ELA instruction enhances literacy learning by engaging students in active exploration, fostering literate environments, and accommodating diverse needs. Family involvement further enriches the learning experience, creating a comprehensive approach to literacy development. As education evolves, these tools stand as essential allies in shaping well-rounded and engaged learners.

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