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Posted: February 9th, 2023

DISCUSSION #12 The Civil War ended on April 9, 1865

The Civil War ended on April 9, 1865, and the original goal of the North to preserve the Union was accomplished. The task that lay before Lincoln and Congress now was reintegrating the rebellious Southern states into the Union. For many white southerners “Reconstruction was a vicious and destructive experience – a period when vindictive Northerners inflicted humiliation and revenge on a pro-state South.”

In order to prepare for this discussion, you must first complete the following readings.

Review and identify the relevant sections of Chapter 17.
After you have completed your readings, please post your responses to only ONE of the following questions:

President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14th, 1865. But what if Lincoln had led the nation through Reconstruction? Would the events and outcomes of Reconstruction have been different?
Review the 4 Reconstruction Plans: Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan, the Wade-Davis Bill, Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction also referred to as “Restoration”, and Congressional Reconstruction, comparing and contrasting them. In your opinion, which plan would have produced the best results, or where all of the plans doomed to produce the same end?
In order to earn the full credit points for this assignment, students must discuss at least one question, and respond to a fellow student’s postings:

Directly and completely to the question that you selected. Clearly and accurately explain your answer based on factual information contained in the readings. Make sure that all statements are supported with facts from the readings (80 points).
Students must respond to at least one fellow student’s posting and discuss the reason(s) for their agreement or disagreement, with the arguments that are presented. You must address specific points, and support your response with facts from the readings and other sources. (20 points).
Students can choose to respond to any posting, they do have to respond to a posting that discusses the question they addressed.
Reminder: Please make sure to comply with all Netiquette Guidelines listed in the Getting Started module. Chapter 17:
Reconstructing the Union, 1865–1877
Davidson ▪ Delay ▪ Heyrman ▪ Lytle ▪ Stoff
Question: President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14th, 1865. But what if Lincoln had led the nation through Reconstruction? Would the events and outcomes of Reconstruction have been different?
If President Lincoln had led the nation through Reconstruction, the events and outcomes of Reconstruction might have been different. Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction, the Ten Percent Plan, was more lenient towards the South compared to other plans that came after him, such as Congressional Reconstruction. The Ten Percent Plan was focused on quick reintegration of the South into the Union, and offered amnesty to all Confederate soldiers and civilians who swore an oath of allegiance to the Union. Lincoln believed in reuniting the country and believed that the harsh measures imposed on the South after his death were unnecessary.
However, it is also possible that Lincoln may have faced opposition from Radical Republicans in Congress who wanted to impose more severe measures on the South, such as land redistribution and granting African Americans citizenship and voting rights. If Lincoln had lived, he may have faced challenges in implementing his plan, and there is no guarantee that it would have been successful.
The outcome of Reconstruction may have been different if President Lincoln had led the nation through it, but it is impossible to say for certain how things would have played out. The course of history can be greatly influenced by the actions and decisions of one individual, and it is important to consider the context and circumstances that shaped events.

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