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Posted: April 8th, 2022


Note submission #10

Women’s Hour

1840 women cannot:

· Voting

· Employment discrimination

· Priority rights

· Women single can pay her own property but if she gets married everything belong to the husband.

in most state women cannot get divorce but men can. A husband can divorce if her wife cheating on him. If a women get rape the man is the victim, in education girls find their opportunities limited.

When married she cannot control her own body.

The idea was made men and women separate. Women and men have separate Spheres.

Women sphere was home and men were work, politic, leadership, everything outside the house.

Women in the Abolitionist movement

Black and white women were using Christianism to abolitionist. They believe that it was unconscious. They were signing a petition or ask people but not all men would accept the abolitionism movement. They were not allowed to speak in public to men. Women in the abolitionist movement believe that all women need rights too. Some of men think that is good to have equal rights.

Lucretia Mott

She was an intelligence woman; she got a job as a teacher. She threats to protest at the school but none of the women joined her. Only one man “Mott” joined her to protest the equal pay.

Elizabet Cady Stanton

She was the daughter of the New York Politician lawyer. He recognizes that Elizabeth was the smarter of the family. She studies law. She became activist Abolitionist Movement. She married Henry Stanton, but she want to keep her name.

The world Anti-slavery Convention 1840

Stanton and Mott when to London and try to create a global movement.

William Lloyd Garrison insisted to joined women in the convention.

Seneca Falls Convention 1848

It took place in New York, it involved about 150 women. Women went through series of revolution. Not all women want to get the right to vote.

Susan B Anthony

She was an abolitionist; she organizes a convention and men told her that he’s not allowed to speak. She met Stanton; they became besties. They were not married so he has her independent. Stanton wrote the speeches and Anthony travel to speak in public.

Lucy Stone

She got Married but she wants to be threat as equal. She refused to pay tax to the state of Massachusetts Gov. 1861 women canceled the convention because of the civil rights.

U.S Sanitary Commission

They through their selves to support the war.

Women create the USSC. It was organized by women and was the biggest volunteer.

Patriotism and New Skills

Raising money to take care of family soldier. They were seeing as a patriotism. Women involved develop skills, management, accounting and employment opportunities. The military agree to let women work as a nurse. After the war, women were able to teach nurse.

1866 Convention

The first convention after the war ending.

A black women Frances Harper delivered a power speech. She told her story about her life. A new group was created for equal right to everyone. “AERA” formed at 1866 convention.

The 15 amendments won’t be focus on black men but not on everyone.

Kansas Referenda

Stanton and Anthony were taking money from George Francis Train. He didn’t support civil rights but only white rights. They took his money with straight attached. Stone campaign for both words “White Male”. In the beginning but finally change the words. “Male” and keep “white”.

Kansas Referenda failed in the 15th Amendment. Women want to add sex on the 15th Amendment. They rights don’t matter.


She written and publish her own article. She attacked the 14th and 15th Amendment. Stanton and Anthony formed a new group NWSA “National, women, suffrage, association”.

Lucie Stone create also AWSA 1869

The NWSA excluded men of leadership, NWSA were trying to win the suffrage. It opposed the 15th amendment; it campaigns against the 15th amendment. It added issues besides education.

The AWSA was create by Lucy Stone and Henry B.

· Equal open to women and Men

· Trying to win Suffrage state by state.

· Supported the 14th and 15th Amendment more right for anyone

· Stick only the issues about suffrage

Stone starts to publish the women’s journal. The two-group combined of thousand and fifty hundred people.

Wyoming Territory 1869

When the territory gets to 5000 people. They can start gov their selves. It was just temporary for women to vote.

Utah Territory 1870

Granted women for suffrage. It was oppressed women with polygamy.

II) Many defeats, few Victories

Victorian Morality 1800s

· Victorian Morality- these are simply the moral assumptions and views held by people living during queen Victoria’s reign in 1837-1901 (the Victorian era). In general, it includes the moral climate in Britain and her colonies.

· The Victorian Morality was mainly regarded as non-indulgent. They had zero tolerance towards breach of law and sexual promiscuity. As such, the Victorian Morality was owed to the Queen of Britain’s demeanor thus a standard of behavior used in America even after independence from Britain. It dictated how men and women were supposed to act think and feel in regards to fashion and sexuality. It mainly discriminated on women by perceiving them as being naturally oriented to nurture children.

· The Victorian Morality mainly emphasized sexual repression. For instance; sex was only between husband and wife and only for reproduction.

· Obscenity laws (anti-pornography laws) were established under Comstock Law 1873- 1950 to ensure sexual restrain. This law illegalized sending indecent publications through mail. It was also illegal to sell or own or share obscene materials.

Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927)

· Born in Ohio, Victorial Woodhull was a controversial Civil rights figure in America and the first ever female stock-brokers on Wall street who spearheaded the women’s right to vote and the Ohio suffragettes movements.

· Through her time at the Wall Street, Victorial used her profits to create Woodhull & Clafflins Weekly newspaper which formed her platform to emancipate Americans about women’s suffrage. She also used the newspaper to demand that women be complete equals under law including equal rights in education and marriage.

· She also championed for socialism, strong labor union, and free education for all American children through the National Women’s Suffrage Association (NWSA).

Free Love/Sexual Freedom (Victoria Woodhull)

· The “New Departure” (1872) is anchored on the 14th amendment which holds that women are already able to vote if they were born in US thus are citizens and that no state can deny any person equal protection of the law.

· Other than right to vote, V. Woodhull also championed for Constitutional right to “free love”. A bold move in 1872 that later saw her being branded “Ms. Satan” because it was contrary to Victorian Morality in regards to sex.

· Sexual misbehavior in regards to Victoria Woodhull, her sister Tennie C. and Mr. Cornelious including Victoria’s affair with Married member of congressional committee emerged. She defended herself by declaring that women and men should be able to love as they please.

· Victoria’s aspirations to run for President of USA based on equal rights (1872). She was rejected because her ideas were perceived oppressive to men thus contrary to Victorian Morality in regards to women’s role of nurturing.

· The fall of Victoria Woodhull was due to conservatives who strongly held on the Victorian Morality. Henry Beecher, having an affair with Ms. Tilton, the wife of Theo Tilton, after declaring Victoria Woodhull a threat to Christianity and women’s natural role. She was eventually arrested and prosecuted under the Cumstock Law.

Suzan B. Anthony- Election Day

· Susan B. Anthony arrested on November 18th 1872 and charged with illegal voting.

· The arresting of Susan was the perfect excuse to getting to the Supreme Court to champion the idea of “New Departure” which was based on the 14 Amendment.

· She was however declared guilty even before trial. The judge also refused Suzan’s plea to take the stand in her own defense citing mental instability. The jury was also instructed to declare her guilty.

· Based on the Victorian Morality; Susan B. Anthony was subjected to all forms of human rights violation and gender discrimination. The law was therefore administrated by men against a woman based on the ideas of Victorian Morality. Susan’s trial therefore challenged the notion of Victorian Morality in regards to women’s role in politics and sex.


· Massive organization, 100 times more members. It had more than hundred fifty thousand pay dues to get a memberships ticket.

· The group was only open for women, dudes were not welcome, Catholics were not welcome. Women has to be born in American to joint the group. The main was to banned alcohol.

· Frances Willard

· She was the president of the WCTU about 20 years. she was the leader who built the group. She mobilizes Christian and Protestant women. They were trying to protect and preserve fear.

· The model of the organization was “Do everything” the focus was always to protect their home. Their applicate for the legislation to banned imagination, they want a constitutional amendment.


· Alice Stone Blackwell

· She had to convicted her mom to make with Anthony Elizabeth an alliance. She got the old women to merge together and became the NAWSA 1890


· NAWSA 1890

· Committed itself to go state by state. They didn’t ban any memberships, they excluded Black women. It took the position to stick to suffrage.


· The NACW

· They were state suffrage group integrate in the national level. Black women cannot joint the group.

· This group was not created for suffrage but specially for the community group. Example: save Bank. As the group grew up and they look up for the suffrage.




· Carrie Chapman Catt and the Colorado campaign 1893

· She was a member of the NAWSA. Her idea was to keep the WCTU out of it. she said, don’t let men feel threaten. When women have the rights to vote nothing will change. Colorado became the first state to granted women to vote.

· She took the same strategy and won in Idaho. When Utah became state women won the suffrage. She became president of the NAWSA in 1900

· Harriet Stanton Blatch

She went to study in England, she went to all men space and lectured about women’s suffrage. Two more state granted women’s suffrage Washington 1910 and California 1911. They were 6 states where women can vote.



Take note of submission #10.

The Women’s Hour

Women in 1840 could not:

Electoral Participation

Discrimination in the workplace

Priority rights are defined as:

Women who are single can pay for their own property, but once married, everything belongs to the spouse.

Women cannot divorce in most states, but males can. If his wife cheats on him, he has the right to divorce. If a woman is raped, the guy is the victim, and girls’ educational options are limited.

When she gets married, she loses control of her body.

The concept was to segregate men and women. Women and men have their own Spheres.

The women’s sphere was the home, while the men’s sphere was work, politics, leadership, and everything else outside the home.

Women Activists in the Abolitionist Movement

Christianism was being used by both black and white women to advocate for abolition. They feel it was unintentional. They had been


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