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Posted: October 29th, 2022

Big Data

Computer Sciences and Information Technology
Big Data Assignment
Big Data
Write an additional 1- to 2-page paper based on the following information:

Management is happy with the operational work you have done and with your support of their strategic investigation of the situation and trends over time through the data warehouse. But they have heard that new techniques called analytics (or even “big data”) can be used to find unexpected gems in all of the data that they have been collecting, whether or not it is structured.

Are there kinds of behavior (e.g., by customers or products or their own systems) that might be valuable to be able to predict? What are they? What data (either internal sources described in the materials or external data sources available for free or purchase) might help make these predictions? What tools would you use for management of the data, for statistical analysis, or for visualization? Why is it appropriate to meet the organization’s needs?

Explained the role of data in information systems and business
Distinguished between the three types of data management in modern organizations
Explained the meaning of key data management questions and the importance of the answers
Explained the environment, roles, and skills needed to support transactional data management, including relational database environment, database designers, database developers, and database administrators
Explained and applied techniques for deciding what data you need for transactional data management, including: entity relationship modeling (ERD) and conceptual design
Demonstrated how to use DML to enter information into relational databases
Explained how to use SQL to extract rows and columns of data from tables and combine data from multiple tables, using SELECT
Distinguished between different approaches for managing data in relational databases, and explained when each might be used, including applications with embedded SQL, stored procedures, and triggers
Explained why database and information security is important to an organization
Explained how database administrators and developers can protect the integrity and confidentiality of data against internal and external attacks
Explained how database administrators can protect data integrity against system and hardware outages
Explained the roles, skills, and tools needed for managing historical data via data warehouses
Explained how to select, clean, and bring data of interest into a data warehouse
Demonstrated techniques for designing an effective data warehouse, through star database structures, selecting and organizing fact and dimension tables, and specialized indexing (e.g., bitmap indexes)
Explained the skills and environments required for analytic data
Described how those tools are used
Explained the business value of analytic results, such as data visualization and finding and applying patterns

Big Data
Behaviors of the customers, products, and systems might be valuable in predicting the introduction of big data in the system. The customer is a source of traditional, structured as well as the behavior data. Customer behavior such as online behavior can be used in making the prediction. Behaviors of the customers through the exchange of information on social media such as Facebook and Twitter may be used in making predictions (Zhan et al, 2018). Product behavior which forms the need for the development of new products as a result of low performance of existing products or products that cannot satisfy the needs of customers. The pressure on customer needs makes companies develop new products. For instance, in the software industry, the involvement of customers in new products is evident. The customers contribute significantly to the pooling of the resources and actively contribute to the design of the systems. The company is also able to conduct the predictions by considering the data that they can use in developing the new features. Therefore the needs of the customers play a central role in the process of prediction. On the other hand, the behavior of the systems, such as the upgrade or installation advanced features, can form a basis of prediction.
Data plays a critical role in the involvement of customers. Data regarding the customers can be obtained from social media and loyalty cards. Data concerning the customers should be obtained by adhering to the ethical issues and standards (Fang & Li, 2014). Privacy and confidentiality of the data is also a major concern during the access. Data on the new features of a product are also used in the process of prediction. Data from ideas and concepts are used in aiding the prediction. Ideas that are concerned with the creation of new opportunities and new concepts are used in this process. The huge amount of data can be obtained from the external information to help managers in making sound ideas. Data can also be obtained from observations, semi-structured interviews, annual reports, newsletters, and strategic planning reports, among others.
Tools will be used in the management of data collected. For instance, data stored in databases can be managed by the use of Oracle data management tools, SAP data management, IBM data management tool, or Microsoft. The tools that will be used in the statistical analysis include Microsoft Excel, SPSS, R, MATLAB, Statistical analysis software, among others. The visualization tools such as Google Charts, Tableau, and Chartist, among others, can be used in the management and analysis of data from customers.
It is appropriate to meet the needs of the organization, which is critical in solving several issues that the organization is facing. Meeting the needs will enhance the stability and future growth of the organization. The organization will be more competitive and ready to meet the challenges in the industry.
In conclusion, the integration of big data is vital for the success of the organization. The data can be obtained from several sources, such as customers’ records, reports, and different views, among others. The rapid technological changed has led to an increase in the amount of data. Organizations are now focusing on how to store and utilize the data for growth and success. Storage of data, as well as security, is also a major concern for organizations.

Fang, Z., & Li, P. (2014). The mechanism of “Big Data” impact on consumer behavior. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 2014.
Zhan, Y., Tan, K. H., Li, Y., & Tse, Y. K. (2018). Unlocking the power of big data in new product development. Annals of Operations Research, 270(1-2), 577-595.

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