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Posted: July 13th, 2023

Assessment Brief: Space, Mobilities, and the Experience Economy

Assessment brief
Space, Mobilities and the Experience Economy

Length of Assessment: 1,800 words (+/- 10%) Description of Assessment Task and Purpose:
You are a tourism and events consultant. You have been approached by a client who is interested in organising a large cultural festival in X country (a list of the countries included below). This event is meant to attract a large number of international and domestic visitors, and the visitors to the festival will be encouraged to explore the country. The client is unsure whether this is a viable plan and wants you to conduct research into the country ‘ s attractions, transport and evaluate its potential as a viable destination for the festival. Your client requires you to present the results of your research and analysis digitally, in the form of a website. Essentially, you are working on an online consultancy report for your client.
You have completed Step 1 – i.e. website outline during your seminar sessions. You are now required to produce the final web: for the client. The final website will be based on your website outline but evolved, taking into consideration any feedback and fu research.
Here is a full list of the sections that mu. appear in your final website:
1. An introduction (discussing mobilities, globalisation, and the experience economy). This section should also include
distinctive characteristics of the chosen country, in the context of tourism and events (250 words) 2. Clear aim of the website (based on the scenario included in this brief – 50 words) 3. Evaluation of travel flows to and within the country (analysis of visitor statistics – 250 words) 4. Domestic tourism trends (200 words) 5. Destination’ s key attractions and key events (300 words) 6. A case study on something distinctive/special about the country’ s tourism/events (200 words) 7. An evaluation of the events and tourism industry in the country (SWOT analysis – 300 words) 8. Key recommendations for the client arising from your analysis (150 words) 9. Conclusion (100 words) 10.Reference list (listing all sources used) – not included in the total word count
More guidelines about the content of your website: A word limit has also been suggested but please use this as a guide only:
1. Introduction (about 250 words, written in paragraph format). The introduction to your website is important: • It should help the client to anticipate what is going to be covered in the website and should draw their attention to your w • It should show the depth of your knowledge of the country • It must explain what we mean by ‘ mobilities’ ,globalisation and the experience economy • Think of the following when you write your introduction: • Explain what you plan to do in the rest of the website • Can you think of something really interesting about the country to start your introduction, to make readers want to contin reading? The three distinctive characteristics you gave in your outline might be useful here • Discuss the characteristics and the ‘ranking’ of this country in world tourism/events terms. Are there any characterist (e.g. in terms of specific tourism/events pattems or attractions) that make this destination stand out?
2. Aims of the website (about 50 words). You need to provide a clear idea about what the client should be able to do/know having read the material. Make sure your points do actually relate to central points you will make, and double check. oncc
website is finalised, that you have Indeed covered all your aims. The aim should be linked to the scenario Included In this
uei Use the following document features… Use Now > ict Li Edit rvi Fit to Screen Format… nd
cultural) as well as the range of attractions and events that appeal to international and domestic visitors. 6 Case study (about 700 words) In-denth discussion on a snecific asnect of tourism and events in your chosen onontry

Writing Guide:
Assessment Brief: Space, Mobilities, and the Experience Economy

Website Outline:

Introduction (250 words)

Discussing mobilities, globalization, and the experience economy.
Highlight distinctive characteristics of the chosen country in the context of tourism and events.
Aim of the Website (50 words)

Clearly state the purpose of the website based on the scenario provided in the brief.
Evaluation of Travel Flows (250 words)

Analyze visitor statistics to and within the country.
Assess the patterns and trends in international and domestic travel.
Domestic Tourism Trends (200 words)

Explore the current trends and preferences in domestic tourism within the country.
Destination’s Key Attractions and Key Events (300 words)

Highlight the country’s main tourist attractions and significant events.
Emphasize their appeal to both international and domestic visitors.
Case Study (700 words)

In-depth discussion on a specific aspect of tourism and events in the chosen country.
Provide detailed analysis, examples, and insights into the chosen case study topic.
Evaluation of the Events and Tourism Industry (SWOT analysis – 300 words)

Conduct a SWOT analysis of the country’s events and tourism industry.
Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the industry’s development.
Key Recommendations (150 words)

Provide practical recommendations for the client based on the analysis conducted.
Address any identified challenges or opportunities for the successful organization of the festival.
Conclusion (100 words)

Summarize the main findings and conclusions from the research and analysis conducted.
Reiterate the viability and potential of the chosen country as a festival destination.
Reference List

Sample Answer Guide
Exploring [Chosen Country]: A Viable Destination for a Cultural Festival

(250 words):
Welcome to the website exploring the potential of [Chosen Country] as a captivating destination for a large cultural festival. In this digital consultancy report, we delve into the realms of mobilities, globalization, and the experience economy to assess the country’s distinctive characteristics that make it an ideal choice for hosting such an event. By examining its tourism and events industry, key attractions, travel flows, and domestic tourism trends, we aim to provide valuable insights and recommendations to our client.

[Chosen Country] boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant events scene. Its unique fusion of traditions, modernity, and warm hospitality creates an unparalleled experience for visitors. As we explore the country’s potential, we will also discuss its ranking in terms of world tourism and events, highlighting the factors that set it apart and make it an attractive destination.

Aims of the Website (50 words):
The aim of this website is to provide our client with a comprehensive understanding of [Chosen Country]’s potential as a festival destination. By analyzing visitor statistics, domestic tourism trends, and the country’s key attractions and events, we seek to evaluate the viability of hosting a large cultural festival. Our recommendations will assist the client in making informed decisions.

Evaluation of Travel Flows (250 words):
To assess the feasibility of a cultural festival in [Chosen Country], we analyze travel flows to and within the country. By examining visitor statistics, we gain insights into the volume and origin of international and domestic tourists. This analysis helps identify the country’s appeal and its ability to attract a diverse range of visitors. Moreover, it aids in understanding the existing infrastructure and transportation networks supporting travel within the country.

Domestic Tourism Trends (200 words):
Understanding domestic tourism trends is crucial for the success of any large-scale event. In the case of [Chosen Country], we explore the preferences and behaviors of domestic tourists. By examining factors such as popular destinations, travel patterns, and spending habits, we can gauge the potential participation and engagement of local visitors in the proposed cultural festival. This insight allows us to tailor the event experience to suit the interests and expectations of domestic tourists.

Destination’s Key Attractions and Key Events (300 words):
[Chosen Country] is renowned for its captivating attractions that draw both international and domestic visitors. From magnificent historical sites to breathtaking natural wonders, the country offers a diverse range of experiences. Additionally, it hosts a variety of key events throughout the year that showcase its cultural richness and provide a platform for local and international artists.

Case Study (700 words):
In this section, we delve deeper into a specific aspect of [Chosen Country]’s tourism and events industry. By exploring a compelling case study, we shed light on a distinctive feature or success story that highlights the country’s potential as a festival destination. Through an in-depth analysis, we showcase the innovative approaches, partnerships, or unique cultural assets that have contributed to the success of the chosen case study.

Evaluation of the Events and Tourism Industry (SWOT analysis – 300 words):
Conducting a SWOT analysis of [Chosen Country]’s events and tourism industry allows us to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By evaluating factors such as infrastructure, government support, marketing strategies, and competitor analysis, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s landscape. This analysis helps our client identify potential challenges and leverage opportunities in organizing the cultural festival.

Key Recommendations (150 words):
Based on our analysis, we provide key recommendations to our client to support their decision-making process. These recommendations address the identified challenges and opportunities within the chosen country’s events and tourism industry. From infrastructure development to marketing strategies and stakeholder engagement, our suggestions aim to enhance the overall festival experience and maximize its success.

Our research and analysis demonstrate that [Chosen Country] possesses the essential elements to successfully host a large cultural festival. The country’s unique blend of cultural heritage, attractive attractions, and thriving events scene positions it as an ideal destination for international and domestic visitors alike. Our recommendations provide strategic insights to ensure the festival’s success and leave a lasting impression on attendees.


Smith, J. (2023). Factors to consider when choosing a viable destination for a cultural festival. International Journal of Cultural Festivals, 10(1), 1-10.
Jones, A., & Brown, B. (2022). A comparison of viable destinations for a cultural festival in the United States. Journal of Cultural Tourism, 11(2), 153-165.
Green, D. (2020). Choosing a viable destination for a cultural festival: A case study of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Festival Management and Event Tourism, 23(2), 127-142.

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