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Posted: February 12th, 2024

3 DQ 1Vulnerable groups are people

Describe An Example Of One Of These Groups In The United States Or From Another Country. Explain Why The Population Is Designated As “Vulnerable. 3 DQ 1
Vulnerable groups are people who are at high risk for poor health status and healthcare access, who undergo significant disparities in life expectancy and have limited access to healthcare services. This population is also likely to have 1 or more physical and/or mental health conditions.

According to WHO, vulnerable populations include; the uninsured, pregnant women, pediatric groups, malnourished people, children, the homeless, people with HIV/AIDS, racial and ethnic minorities, economically disadvantaged, and people with chronic health conditions.

An example of one of these groups in the United States or from another country.

In the US, older adults are more vulnerable to health issues
Explain why the population is designated as “vulnerable.” Include the number of individuals belonging to this group and the specific challenges or issues involved.

Because they have low immunity and a lot of medical conditions. A study found that the elderly don’t frequently receive the care recommended for them, such as preventive care, and thus end up being vulnerable. The number of older adults who are aged 65 or older. is 14.5% (46.3 million) of the US population. The challenges they face include isolation in their homes, failure to afford healthcare services, and difficulties while getting access to healthcare services.
Discuss why these populations are unable to advocate for themselves, the ethical issues that must be considered when working with these groups, and how nursing advocacy would be beneficial.

The elderly are unable to advocate for themselves because they are old, they can be easily controlled and economically unstable, and thus nobody minds about them even if they serve as their own advocates.
The ethical issues include; protecting their rights and human dignity, providing care with possible risk to their own health, informed consent, staffing patterns that limit their access to nursing care, and the use of physical restraints.
Nursing advocacy would help our aging population to save themselves a lot of time, money, as well as help in minimizing stress levels. They place an emphasis on the patient’s health and general well-being and therefore improving their health condition.
Using 200-300 words APA format with references to support the discussion.

Include the number of individuals belonging to this group and the specific challenges or issues involved. Discuss why these populations are unable to advocate for themselves, the ethical issues that must be considered when working with these groups, and how nursing advocacy would be beneficial.

One of the most vulnerable populations in the United States is older adults aged 65 and over. There are currently around 46.3 million older adults in the country, comprising 14.5% of the total population (Administration for Community Living, 2022). This group faces several challenges that make them vulnerable. Physically, older adults have lower immunity and are more likely to have chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2022). These medical issues put them at higher risk for more severe outcomes from illnesses.
Financially, many older adults live on fixed incomes from Social Security and savings that may not cover rising healthcare costs (National Council on Aging, 2022). The average annual out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for those aged 65+ is over $6,000 (AARP, 2022). For those without supplemental insurance or family support, medical bills can deplete savings or cause debt. Socially, older adults also experience higher rates of social isolation as friends and family members pass away or move to long-term care (National Institute on Aging, 2022). Living alone without a support system to assist with tasks like transportation, medication management, and doctor’s appointments increases vulnerability.
Ethically, healthcare providers must consider issues of informed consent, autonomy, and safety when working with older adults (American Nurses Association, 2016). Cognitive impairments like dementia may impact the ability to understand treatments and make medical decisions. Physical restraints should only be used as a last resort to prevent harm. Nursing advocacy is beneficial for this population as nurses can help navigate the healthcare system, ensure care plans respect patient values and dignity, and connect older adults to community resources to improve well-being and independence (Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, 2018). Overall, the aging of the population in the U.S. means advocacy for older adults is increasingly important.

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