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7HW148 – Critical Awareness of Research

7HW148 – Critical Awareness of Research
Assessment of learning Outcomes 1 – 3

Produce a critical literature review based on six primary research studies on a well-focussed topic chosen by you. This should include a methodological critique of each research study included, thematic analysis of the studies’ findings and clear identification of their relevance to current health and social care practice.

4,000 words.Weighting: 100% of total marks.

To be submitted in via Canvasby 14:00hrs onFriday13thJanuary2023

LO1 – Appraise ethical and methodological analysis of research in health and / or social care. Ethical and methodological analysis is an important part of evaluating research in health and social care. Ethical considerations refer to the principles and values that guide research in these fields, including issues such as participant privacy, informed consent, and the use of vulnerable populations. Methodological analysis refers to the way in which the research was conducted, including the research design, sample size and selection, and data collection and analysis methods.

There are several key ethical considerations that should be taken into account when evaluating research in health and social care. One important consideration is the issue of informed consent, which requires that participants understand the nature of the research and agree to participate willingly. Researchers should also ensure that participants are protected from harm and that their privacy is respected. Other ethical considerations include the use of vulnerable populations, such as children or individuals with disabilities, and the need to minimize any potential risks to these groups.

Methodological analysis is also an important part of evaluating research in health and social care. Researchers should be transparent about their research design and methods, including the sample size and selection, data collection techniques, and data analysis methods. It is also important to consider the potential biases that may be present in the research, and to take steps to minimize these biases.

LO2 – Evaluate research in terms of its ontology, epistemology and contribution to an in-depth understanding of health and/or social care issues.

LO3 – Critique the applicability of research studies for a chosen area in health and / or social care and make recommendations for future research.

A critical literature review of 6 primary research studies

Marking Criteria
Introduction The chosen topic is introduced and a rationale for its selection given.

The selection of topic is well focused and not too broad.

The Search Strategy

6 primary research studies have been found using electronic search skills.

Note – you MUST submit your 6 studies as individual PDF files along with your assignment on Canvas.

A clear outline of the electronic search is given such that another person could repeat the steps in this search.

The outline should include: databases used;the inclusion and exclusion criteria usedin the search (such as key terms and date range); the results of each search conducted; an account of the decision trail leading to the final choice of selected studies.

Literature reviews / editorials / opinion pieces / summaries are not primary research, so mustnot included as part of your 6 studies.

PDF copies of your 6 chosen studies are uploaded to Canvas. 5%
Data Management

The process of analysing the studies for findings and methodological quality is indicated in the appendices by the inclusion of a grid / grids.

The findings from the research studies have been synthesised & organised into themes. 10%
The Methodological Approach and Research Methods

The ontological and epistemological context/s of the group of chosen research studies is defined and discussed, including the suitability of the methodological approach/es adopted in these studies to answering the research questions asked or methods used in the studies.

The reviewed research studies are appraised in terms of strength of evidence: In quantitative studies their reliability and validity are critically discussed regarding some of the following: sampling, data collection, data analysis.

In qualitative studies their trustworthiness and rigour are critically discussed regarding some of the following: sampling, data collection, data analysis.

Ethical aspects of the research studies are critically assessed.
Thematic Analysis

Themes are derived from the findings of the chosen research studies ONLY.

Study findings are clearly identified and critically discussed. Each theme should be identified with a clear heading describing the content of the theme.
Application to Health & Social Care

The overall applicability or otherwise of your chosen research studies is critically discussed in relation to a specific field of health and social care and critically assessed regarding theircontribution to depth understanding of health and social care issues.
Identifying Future Research needs in the topic area / Research Question

Implications for future research are outlined coherently and gaps in current academic knowledge are clearly identified – this must come from at least one of your chosen studies.

A research question for your independent study is stated coherently. The research question is designed to address an identified need for future research.

A summary of the chosen studies’ findings and their methodological strengths and weaknesses. 5%
Referencing & Presentation The chosen studies are referenced correctly throughout the assignment and included in the reference list.

Harvard referencing correctly used throughout.

A good academic writing style with few typographical or grammatical errors.

The work is logically organised according to the marking criteria.

Grid(s) used to demonstrate data management. This includes theidentification of the findings & methodological quality of the chosen studies and themes.

A list of the 6 chosen studies is also included in the Appendices.

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