Posted: March 28th, 2021

Risk Management in the Health Care Sector

Nina Faye Comahig

Risk is a broad term and can be defined as a major situation or circumstances that includes critical decision-making process upon dealing with the consequences of its actions. It needs thorough assessment before certain alleviations could possibly be done. Yet, there are many cases in which some things get rough and unpredictable that sometimes intuition plays a great role specially managing risk.

Every organization or enterprise in all parts of the world always secure first the credibility of the whole facility before they could establish it and make it accessible to their consumers. Knowing the fact that risk is involve and inevitable in every areas, the whole administration must anticipate as well as have the initiative in facing with all the possibilities of its occurence considering the factors being involved. Managing risk is one of the greatest responsibility one could do in the best way it would be exemplified specially in providing care to the patients such as in healthcare institutions wherein preventions are highly introduced in to the staffs and to the public as well. Others may strictly implement several policies on specific zones where there might be a high risk of accidents and misfortunes, otherwise many will suffer.

In addition to that the main reason why people should be aware of what risk management is all about covers not only for the benefit of one individual but for the community as a whole. One purpose would be to protect the rights and dignity of the clients including the members of the staff. Because there will be some incidents like if a patient will be expose to a place being contaminated and unadvisable for that patient then it would be easy for them to discuss among themselves the proper guidelines to be followed depending on what law is broken.

Indeed, risk management is very necessary and applicable in any kinds of situation that needs to be discussed in both parties which includes the staff and the clients. Otherwise, thousands of men and women were in great danger.

Nowadays or even before, some organizations and enterprises are grateful enough with all the positive effects a risk management can give. The benefits they receive does not only guarantee the overall safety of the institution but it always comes with team effort.

Most of the advantages it can give are first, it will bring a harmonious working environment for the patient and staff. Like for example, when a nurse is somehow confident in doing his obligation without feelig uneasy because of the possibilities of getting infected with some transmitted diseases. The nurse has been vaccinated to prevent such conditions to happen. Another is several incidents of lawsuits wil be prevented and the rights of both parties are protected as well. Although it might actually happen for some reason like patient-staff misunderstanding, violation of policies and negligence yet, by managing the probality of drawbacks everything are smoothly done. And lastly institutions providing such programs concerning risk management can produce excellent feedbacks from the society which allows more number of consumers whom referred as the greatest priority of an organization or internal environment. Proper communication also can be part ot its success at the same time providing assurance to the stakeholders.

Good outcomes means great investment and it will be shared throughout the client and staff. But since there is no such thing as perfect then maybe there are few negative effects that are being layed out. Yet, what matter’s most is there is higher percentage of good outcomes that manipulating risk is always beneficial to all individuals.

In addition to that, the idea of implementing risk management has many components in between. Promoting it in the society can start with reviewing the overall activities and looking into the members of the enterprise also known as the internal environment. These group of activities may include the functions of each member which are separated according to what department they belong to. Skills, abilities and knowledge are some of the factors that needs to be polished and assessed as it changes from time to time and varies per individual. During this time opinions are acceptable or even a simple survey can be done as a follow-up. Then aside from it, it also possible to check some resources if it is being distributed well. This component is necessary due to the fact that it determines the individual’s capacity to perform and function well in and out of the facility.

Moreover, setting goals and objectives are considered to be pillars of a structure. Because without it there could be distortion in terms of handling the enterprise. Objectives serve as a motivation in doing something. Therefore, managing risk also needs this. For it is very necessary to make things organize rather than presenting it to the crowd having no clear set of goals.

In some cases wherein you have to identify what comes into your business is another important component of handling risk. Sometimes certain events may come unexpectedly that most of the people dont know what to do. So it is always advisable that one is always ready or even master the techniques of identifying risk. Maybe it is quite also important to have an attitude of anticipating things that can help an individual control the situation.

Being in an organization or part of an enterprise has aways comes with strict rules. Part of that is by conducting an assessment on the particular incidents that will come along the way. These may be classified according to its impact or likelihood of happening. Such when a risk like having fire inside the building can be put into restrospective kind of risk which means it had happen before or in the past. Knowing it this way may help the whole team on what particular area they should focus with or what type of resources they would allocate once it appears on the same time.

When talking about dealing with risk it is also comes with planning. Some teams have already a prepared plan in order to overcome unexpected events. This is also a big help specially in minimizing time and saving the rest for other purposes.

Since there is already a plan it does not mean that everything is in order. It is also important to consider the activities involve. These activities need also to be seen and checked so that there is limitation. But it should be in a proper way depending on the rules followed. Making sure that you have the authority to control things will make it easier for you to function as a healthcare provider.

Information and communication is vital in all angles. Mostly in an organization this is the top most priority that one should communicate with other collegues to promote well structured industry and to avoid major mistakes. All information and details should be accurate upon distributing to other departments. Otherwise, it will be the source of complications and misunderstandings.

After that, all the components which includes reviewing activities, setting objectives, identifying risk events, conducting assessment, stuydying response plans, controllling activities and having communication while disseminating informations are being monitored afterwards. Monitoring helps in polishing works and making changes if there are some that are not well constructed. It also provides post assessment process wherein one could evaluate if the standards of risk management are being applied in a manner that no laws are violated and both parties, the staff and clients were all satisfied with the excellent service it produce.


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