Posted: March 28th, 2021

Consumer Behaviour When Buying Coffee


Normal coffee shop don’t have many different kind of coffee, the taste are very normal. This shop is not suitable for relaxing and there is no aroma to reduce the stress and there is a lot of noise because there have many food and cheap than coffee bean.

Why people are willing to pay more?

People who willing to spend for services, quality, good environment, Wi-Fi area and located convenience places because they are coffee drinker that’s why people will choose to spend their money in the expensive places rather than cheaper ones. In another way, people are influence their buying behavior from their friends and family, in loyalty which is to test-marketing ideas to keep the customers fully constant to the brand and the environment which is in the changing life style.

Other than that, they are also influence by culture, sub-culture, places, races, past experience and reference groups. These types of thinking, feelings and actions will influence the changing attitude from the consumer. Customer past experience is will affect millions of people around the world to patronize the coffee bean outlet.

The important of finding out consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour is what consumer wants and needs. They may be perceived in quality differs from management-based of product quality and objective. When consumer is buying on the quality and a nice product, there will be based on believe signal, consumer will focus on finding the lowest price product and buying on promotion. In another way, consumer will focus on aspects of the product that satisfy a consumer’s needs and wants. Consumer behaviour is influenced by these factors, for examples: motivation, perception and learning. Those factors are known as internal factors or personal factors. In addition, factors like norms, family and cultural in external or internal

Consumer is most important person for the marketer because the marketer takes in to consideration on the taste and dislikeness of the consumer as well as produces the goods and services accordingly. In addition, marketers willingly to fulfill the customer wants and needs, then only will design out the optimal product or service for the customers, after all the survey, marketer will only decide what price customer will purchasing on their product or service, marketer will use different kind of marketing strategies to do their promotion for getting the customer to buy a product or service. This will help the marketers to launching their new product and changing the behaviour of the consumers. Marketers will improve the performance of the company and achieving their goals.

There are two reasons for the buying at any product or service which is to be necessity determined and varies from person to person. It means that a certain basic needs and to fulfill the customer wants to buy the product. The second is impulsive buying behaviour. It means that there are no fixed ideas in the mind of consumers, so they will affect by the features, packaging, and promotion schemes to make the consumer to buy it.

In the consumer behaviour, there is five steps of the behaviour there is problem recognition for the first steps this is to know what is the problem of the consumer. The consumer searches for the information on the products and service that can solve the problem that consumer having.

Secondly there is information evaluation are designed to consumer. At this time the consumer started to compares the brands and products. Consumers estimate the alternatives in terms of the function and they offer the psychological benefits. The marketing organization requirements to understand what benefits consumers are looking for and attributes are important terms to make a decision.

Thirdly there is Purchase decision. An option has been evaluated for the consumer to ready make a purchase decision. Infrequently purchase does not result that in what you want to buy. In the marketing organization, facilitate for the consumer to act on their purchase intention, it can use selection of techniques to achieve this.

Fourthly, alternative evaluation is to select the brand do the consumer needs and wants. In another way, there is a condition of credit or payment terms may encourage on the purchase, on a sales promotion such as the opportunity to receive a best way or enter a competition it may provide an incentive to buy now. The relevant internal psychological process is on the purchase decision that is integration associated. Once the combination is achieved, the organization will be influence the purchase decisions much more easily.

Post-purchase behaviour is the last part of the consumer behaviour. The reasons for post-purchase can be attractiveness and performance. Consumer behaviour worry that consumer need to take actions to direct the satisfying leads of behaviour on every individual depend on consumer thinking. This thinking will influence the consumer by the way of internal and external.

Influence from the internal and external factors.

Internal factors are representing the consumer’s ability the benefit straight from the product. Consumer motivation to purchase any product is an internal factor, and it may rely on a person’s desire to achieve their goals related to the internal and external factors. Perception are really determines as a consumer’s behavior, allowing them to justify one of the action or another based on the perceived outcomes. A marketer of perception is to motivate a consumer that can be as simple showing to the young and attractive people who are very cheerful and successful and who are using their product.

Types of internal factor

There is five of internal factor that influencing the consumer behaviour which is culture, social, personal, economy and psychological.

As a consumer it will be influenced by another society. Every society also is different from another and direct by set of different consumer wants perception, behaviour and values. This will be depends upon in culture, subculture, and social class. So, buying behavior different from one culture to another culture .This helps will help the marketers to recognize the culture factor of their target customers, design with strategies to produce the products accordingly.

In the social factor, consumers are influence by the people who is around them such as family, roles, neighbors, friends and status consumer will try to follow them.

Personal factors, for instance age, life style and occupation of the consumers, product life cycle may be influence the consumer’s mind. E.g.: people with different occupation will have different choice of products or services.

Economy is a buying potential for consumer that have no money to buy it, this will influencing in buying the products and pricing should calculate before consumer’s purchasing, otherwise the consumers start looking for alternative choices.

Psychological factor is every consumer has this set perceptions, attitude and beliefs. Marketers must understand those psychological factors and motivate the consumers to buy the product.

External Factors are the influences by the ranging from the consumer’s that has past preferences, and history to the qualities of the product in the nature of environment. However, the mind of the consumer is formed from a large group of part by previous external influences. Consumer attitude in consumption, that desire for this object, consumer are willingness to spend various amounts of money, and for their expectations for the consumer experience are all influenced by background and previous experiences that will affect what individual will chooses to buy or not to buy. Therefore, like mood, feelings of relaxation or being rushed, and sense of personal security will also affect consumption choices.

Types of external factors

There are three types of external factors influencing the consumer behaviour which is competition with different companies, demographic, and habit.

Competitions with different companies are which is competition in different kind of products will influence the consumer choices. If consumers want this product to be produce there is only one available for the customer, there is a very high probability that that consumer will purchase this product. The higher the level of competition, there are more uncertain any particular purchase is. This equation is further complicated by the inclusion of varying factors such as price, style, quality of product. Those factors interact to create huge collection of choices from which consumers must select the one most appropriate for themselves.

Demographic is a field of advertisers and marketers put a great deal of time into studying. Demographic known as a person’s age, race, socioeconomic status, location, political views and cultural tastes will all affect what is bought. By understanding the products application to what demographics, marketers can more correctly to identify their advertisement to efforts and increasing their profit margins. Most demographic qualities are things an individual’s control, yet there is a tastes and consumption choices are affected by these qualities, often without the consumer’s conscious awareness.

In consumer habit many consumers will simply do what they have done before, because it is easy and requires little thought. Consumption habits can even span generations; individuals may prefer a certain brand of their parents using. This phenomenon is often called “brand loyalty” by marketers, but it may have as much to do with inertia as loyalty to any particular company.

Therefore, consumers can be the end users or not to be a end user of any product or services, this may be important for the marketers to analyze the various factors which influences consumers mind that effect to buying products or services.


In the conclusion, I learned that consumer will be influence by the people who is around and the important of the consumer. People who willing to spend for services, quality and good environment. They are also influence by culture, sub-culture, places and races, past experience and reference groups. Besides that, consumer behavior can be influenced by factors such as motivation, learning and perception. Consumer is most important person for the marketer because the marketer takes in to consideration on the taste of the consumer as well as produces the goods and services accordingly.

Furthermore, I have learn that there are five of internal factor that influencing the consumer behavior which is culture, social, personal, economy and psychological. Besides that, it also has three types of external factors influencing the consumer behaviour which is competition with different companies, demographic, and habit.

Question 2

Aging population is a current common issue: explain how a marketer can create sales by attracting the buying intentions from elders.


Aging people means the old people ages around the average life the period of human beings, and thus which is in the end of the human life cycle. Aging people age is around 40 years old until 60 years old and above. In condition, aging people which is consist of seniors, senior citizens and the elderly. In this century, there is increasing the number and quantity of older people in this society.

How marketers attract the aging people from the buying behavior?

There are 3 ways to attract them, which are the thinking’s, body, and character. Aging people thinking’s are very emotional; they easily forgot things also mean that short minded people. So the market must attract the product that has the logo to easily remember for the aging people, such as older people, senior to buy second time. The logo must be simple and not much combination of the shape, so the senior citizen will easy to remember the product that they had brought. Besides that, the company name also very important. If the name of the company is easily to remember by all the people then they will remember what product that they had brought and they will go back and spend in your company for the other time. If they remembered your company name, then they also will recommend the good product to their family, relatives and friends.

Second part is the body of the advertisement or the product, the aging people will remember special item on the product body or the advertisement at television that they had watch. The company can advertise their product through the radio or television. They have to choose the TV shows that watch by the senior people, such as the drama shows. When they watch the advertisement several times then they would remember the product. Moreover, the advertisement should be attractive. The time frame of the advertisement cannot be too long because people do not have such patience to finish watch the advertisement. For the first time, they will have the patient to finish up the advertisement but for the next time, they would not be having the patient to finish watch the advertisement.

Third is the character of the product or the advertisement, in the senior market or the older people audience images of the product are bright in color and highlight people smiling are met with an incredibly positive response from the senior market. Since the older people are like to buy the brightness product this is the technique and skills to attract them in the purchase field.

For example, as a marketer you will be noticed that when buying things, you will be changing your mind when the age is growing. When as a child, the gift that was present by parents or grandparents is clothing or toys. As you became a teen, cool clothes probably became a bigger priority.

So, marketer will tell the companies and to understand that different people buy different things based on their ages. Aging are a huge market that companies and marketer are trying to tap. Marketers have created “aging suits” for young employees to wear when they’re designing what the aging people wants and needs. The costume will simulate the restricted different vision people experience when they are getting older. Designers also are able to figure out how to configure the product to better needs for consumers.

What are the aging people purchase behaviors?

As aging people when purchasing product probably they will choose the healthy food, cheapest product and suitable for their age use product. Aging people will be influence by their old friends, such as the panadol extend, handphone, and etc.

Aging people will buy panadol extend is for their muscle pain, nerves pain then their friends will suggest to eat this medicine to release the pain. Normally handphone will trend by the family members and friends, so aging people will buy and can call their old classmate or friends to dinner, or family to report their safety.

The aging people will be preferred to spend on their experience rather than physical goods. For healthy, they will upon living in a better environment better than a noisy place to remaining to be more health. In addition, marketers need to be more portraying because they are too negatively, in perform being an aging people does not means that they are not healthy. Aging people is being sought of quality experience by have a high quality design and brands differentiate of a product.

In this technologies world, most of the aging people likes to online, marketer will be promote the product that can be attract the aging people to buy their product. In another way, marketer can make sure that most of the aging people have been invite. The able to launch the product in the internet, marketers of the company have to provide the aging people with the teaching guideline with one-step access to earn the benefits information. This online product nearly a thousand programs in this link, such as financial, healthcare, energy, nutrition, legal and transport services and etc.

To understand these markets today’s and tomorrow, markets should develop more products what are the aging people minded needs and wants produce along with more products to attract them to purchase on it. This is because attitude of the generation is different on their buying behavior, aging people will be save their money to make sure their economic is suitable to purchase. They will think double when they purchase on everything.

In this time, aging people are the retired people who have more time to enjoy entertainment and leisure activities when they free. Their daughter or son can be recognized to their parents to bringing up the lived through the huge despair. Most likely, their daughter or son instilled of economy problems in searching for a bargain, only spending money on things that are a good deal. So while the aging person has more money to spend for the future generation, they do feel a need to get the best value possible. Aging people have some retirement, such as fixed income and more sensitive to the price and value.


In the conclusion, “Marketing for seniors is definitely behind the European age pyramid,” says Frédéric Serrière, head of Senior Strategic consultancy and author of several books on marketing for seniors.” There is a developing this market to be important, but marketers don’t think they have to look into right now.

I feel that seniors are choosy consumers. Aging people are more rational, they have less influenced by fashion, and trends. If the marketers are targeted the right ways, than the aging people can become very loyal and kind customers.


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