Posted: March 28th, 2021

Capstone Project Nursing

What is the Capstone Project?

Capstone project nursing assignments have become quite common nowadays. Nursing students have been assigned these tasks at least once or twice before they graduate. However, the problem is that they do not know what a capstone project nursing assignment entails, or even what a capstone project is. Therefore, it is crucial to define a capstone project. A capstone project is sometimes referred to as a senior exhibition, a culminating project, or even a capstone experience. ‘What does capstone mean in nursing?’ When you are told to write a nursing capstone experience, it means the same as tackling a capstone project nursing assignment. A capstone project refers to a multifaceted task serving as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students.

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When is a Capstone Project Conducted?

It is usually conducted in the final year of school of a student, or when a student is finishing their educational program or learning-pathway experience. Understanding what a capstone project is, makes it easier for students to tackle capstone project nursing assignments. However, most students have compared this particular task with a college thesis. Some, have in multiple instances submitted a capstone project nursing assignment with the content, structure, and style of dissertations. It is merely because they cannot distinguish between the two. The truth of the matter is that the two have quite some differences and similarities.

Capstone Project Nursing

What is a BSN Capstone Project?

Some students who are issued with a capstone project nursing assignment, do not which course the task falls into. They struggle to differentiate between a RN capstone course and an SFSC BSN capstone project. It leaves most students asking, ‘What is RN capstone course?’ and ‘What is a BSN capstone project?’ A BSN capstone project refers to an assignment that students are assigned in their final year. It tests their mastery of the coursework or curriculum. It is up to the student to demonstrate comprehensive proficiency of the course by submitting a thorough project-based learning assignment.

What is a Nursing Thesis?

A nursing thesis is another assignment besides the capstone project nursing task a nursing student must complete before they graduate. It may seem challenging to achieve, but it is pretty easy if at all one masters how to write a good thesis. A nursing thesis merely refers to a comprehensive and accurate piece of writing showing an in-depth understanding of a specific nursing topic or question.

What are the Similarities of a Thesis and Capstone?

Before looking at the differences between a capstone project and a thesis, let us first look at the similarities. Although students believe these two concepts only have differences, they also share or have specific characteristics in common. The similarities include:

  1. The Purpose

Both the college thesis and capstone project serve the same purpose. They both aim at testing a student on how well he or she has mastered a particular topic. Additionally, they test how a student can relate this theme to a broader subject of discussion.

  1. The Skills They Test

The second similarity between a capstone project and a thesis is that they test similar skills in a student. These are the analytic and interpretive skills. Both the college thesis and the capstone project test on how well a student can analyze a specific text. Similarly, they also test how a student interprets data, if they know what it means, and its impact on a more significant subject. These two tasks serve as a summative concept of what a student has learned in their coursework or MA program. These are two similarities of a capstone project and a thesis that most students do not know. This may indicate why most students tend to confuse a capstone project assignment with a thesis assignment.


What is the Difference between Thesis and Capstone?

Despite a capstone project and a thesis having some common characteristics, they also differ in various ways. These differences include:

  1. How They Both Serve Their Common Purpose

A college thesis is a written argument that states a claim and has the interpretation of the claim, and the concrete evidence to support that argument. For instance, a college thesis may state a specific type of protestant theology causes particular political reform movements in America. In such a case, one must support this claim by maybe, analyzing the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Their arguments must be comprehensive and well-researched. However, this approach is not the same as that used in a capstone project.

A capstone project tends to combine practical experience and other types of analytical and interpretive writing to acquire evidence. The practical experience can include historical fiction, docent, and essays. For example, the capstone project would not have limited its source of information to the civil rights movement of the 1960s only. Instead, the capstone project would have examined the civil rights movement by developing interpretive reference materials for a historical site that has some connection with the civil rights movement.

  1. The Nature of the Problem They Address

A capstone project tends to address one specific issue, question, or concern in a defined field of study. However, a thesis tends to focus more on creating new knowledge on whatever subject. It goes to mean that the focus of a capstone project is narrow since there is a specific topic. However, the focus of a college thesis is broad since it tends to deal with a generalized issue.

What Forms Do Capstone Projects Take?

Capstone projects may take several forms. However, most tend to be long-term investigative projects, which are culminating in a final presentation, product, or performance. For instance, a student may be asked to choose a theme, a profession, or a societal issue that is urgent to them. After that, they will be required to research on the subject, have a portfolio of the results and findings, and come up with conclusions. If not, they could be required to demonstrate their learning acquisition through a presentation. They must present it orally to their instructors, a panel of experts, or community members. The audience will then collectively evaluate the quality of the performance.

What is the Purpose of a Capstone Project?

Students who have never tackled a capstone project and are now being assigned a capstone project nursing assignment may wonder, ‘Why is a capstone course important?’ or ‘Why do schools assign capstone project nursing assignments?’ Well, there are specific reasons as to why your instructor has assigned you this particular assignment. Some of the solid reasons why you are assigned these tasks include:

  1. To test the understanding of a student on a vital concept and how they apply it to current situations

These assignments are meant to help students attain knowledge about how they can deal with real-life issues and problems. For instance, a capstone project may ask a student to give a solution to a specified business or scientific issue. The goal is not to test how well students can research and produce comprehensive work. Similarly, it is not even to test how well they can analyze data to come up with an excellent paper. Instead, such a question is meant to test how well a student can study similar projects or issues and come up with a more substantial way of dealing with the problem.

  1. To test how well students can think critically and solve challenging problems

Capstone projects such as capstone project nursing papers is generally to help students think outside of their comfort zone. In addition to that, it is to help them come up with excellent solutions to real-life problems. Critical thinking is one of the skills that this assignment can equip in a student. These skills come in handy in helping students later on in life in their adult, business, and work-life. Students also use the skills to investigate and solve issues across specific subject areas or domains of knowledge.

  1. To develop excellent presenting skills in a student

Before one graduate from school, instructors often want to ensure that students do not just have exemplary writing skills but also brilliant public speaking skills. Instructors have one way they know they can help students develop excellent presenting or public speaking skills. It is by issuing them with a capstone presentation assignment. Since the presentation will require them to speak before a crowd, such as a panel of teachers, they tend to practice on their public speaking skills. It is a skill that they could not acquire if they were not issued such an assignment.

How long is a Capstone Presentation?

Students who have never tackled such a task before tend to worry about the length of their work. It is especially the case when one has a capstone project nursing assignment. There is a specific length that your capstone project is required to meet for it to be termed as excellent. ‘How long is a capstone project?’ You may ask. Without counting the references and appendices pages, your capstone project nursing paper should range between 20 to 25 pages. However, if you count the references and appendices, your capstone project nursing paper should be less than 45 pages. However, the paper length may vary depending on the instructions of your capstone advisor or instructor.

What is a Capstone Presentation?

In some instances, students may be asked to develop a capstone presentation instead of a capstone project nursing assignment. However, most people do not know how to go about it since they tend to deal more with capstone project nursing papers. A capstone project is a task that requires a student to demonstrate their knowledge of the course topic or field of study in a visual project. Since the presentation is visual, it means that one must design it appropriately and creatively to intrigue the audience to watch it. Sometimes, students may be required to present their capstone presentation before their classmates, a school committee, or board of professors. Therefore, one must always submit a top-notch capstone project. In addition to not knowing how to write a capstone project nursing assignment, a significant number of students do not also know how to develop a capstone presentation.

How to Develop a Capstone Presentation

If you need to create a capstone presentation, or are searching for the capstone project format, then you do not need to worry. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to develop one:

  1. Brainstorm a Theme

If you do not have a specific topic to discuss, it is up to you to come up with one, regardless of whether it is a capstone project nursing essay or presentation. In most cases, students tend to choose items that already exist so that they can just twist one or two ideas. However, they miss out on the creativity and authenticity points. Instead, a student merely has to brainstorm the best themes that an audience can enjoy listening and watching.

How Do You Select a Theme?

Create a list of the societal issue or the concerns you want to address. After that, start eliminating them one by one depending on what is researchable, exciting, and what you are passionate about. After you have come up with one them, then you need to brainstorm on what angle you are going to address the issue from. For instance, try evaluating what your audience may know about that issue, what you want them to learn, what has been covered, and what is more urgent about that issue. Brainstorming, however, cannot give you the evidence you need to support your arguments. Therefore, go ahead and research from verified sources on the data you are going to use in your presentation.

  1. Create An Outline

There is a notion among most students that presentations require no framework. However, this cannot be far from the truth. Excellent presentations are a product of a well-developed outline. If you do not know how you are going to structure your work before you start writing, it is highly unlikely that you will style it properly in the writing phase. So, go ahead and design how you would want your ideas to flow. Start determining the content of your first to your last slide. Evaluate how you are going to convey your messages to your audience, and also how you are going to keep them engaged.

  1. Write An Introduction

Students struggle with introductions because they tend to include irrelevant materials or style them incorrectly. As a result, their introductions tend to put off their audience, who consequently do not give watch their capstone presentation. Therefore, it is essential first to understand what one has to include in the introduction of their capstone presentation. Usually, the introduction should have the following:

a. Thesis Statement/ Main Argument

The first element that the introduction must have is the theme they are discussing or the main argument of their presentation. To help you understand what you are addressing in your work, try ask yourself what message you are trying to convey in your presentation. Try and summarize your answer in one statement or roughly fifteen words. If you cannot do this, try and narrow down your ideas or arguments to the most significant one. The one statement you come up with detailing what your work is about is what you should include in your introductory slide as your thesis statement.

b. Hook

You want your audience to stay glued to your presentation and be excited to take part in it. So, you do not start your work in a low note. Begin your presentation with a hook to grab their attention and spark an interest in your work. For instance, you can state alarming statistics or facts about the theme in question, or state an anecdote or pun relating to the topic in question.

c. Background Information

You also need to include the background information of your problem in the introductory slide. It should be precise, sufficient, but not comprehensive. It is meant to give your audience an idea about where you acquired your topic and why it is relevant. Being thorough about the item in the first slide can make you lack content for your between slides.

d. Write Your Work

Since most students think that writing a capstone project, such as a capstone project nursing paper is challenging, you always find them online with questions such as, ‘How do you write a capstone paper?’ or ‘What does a capstone course consist of ?’ Well, the writing phase is quite straightforward if at all, one has already developed their framework. The outline will guide them on how to present their ideas in a manner that the information flows logically and accurately. Additionally, it also helps you in presenting only the key concepts and avoid being unambiguous, wordy, vague, and giving unnecessary details. Similarly, it will help you ace through your presentation quickly since you know what to include in each slide, how to format each slide, and how to style each slide.

e. Time Your Presentation

Since this is a visual project. It means that your work has to have a presentation and the bullet points you have written. Practice how much time is needed each slide.

Tips on How to Time Your Presentation
  • Students are advised to use the “timer” tool in PowerPoint to help them time themselves on how long they should present the content in each slide. Preparing the timing is quite useful, especially for a student who is expected to present their capstone project before a panel of researchers or instructors.
  • Another tip is to limit the time you spend in each slide is by using keywords and phrases. Therefore, go ahead and make a list of the vital concepts you are going to discuss in the slides. The approach will help you stick to the central concept, and avoid diverting to other elements, which could make you waste a lot of time in your oral presentation.
  • During the initial presentation, a student is also advised to avoid distracting mannerisms that could make them waste their time. For instance, a student who keeps on saying “um” may lose so much time trying to figure out what they need to say, and forget what they ought to say.

4. Proofread Your Presentation

Like any other assignment, such as the capstone project nursing task, a student is also expected to revise and edit their capstone presentation. Look for errors that are present in your work. They could be misspellings, transition mistakes, or timing errors. Ensure you correct them before you hand in your assignment.


What Are Some Good Nursing Projects Topics for a Capstone?

Some of the best capstone project ideas nursing or creative nursing capstone project ideas you can keep in mind for your capstone project nursing paper include:

  • The best approaches to improving emotional health of nurses
  • How to reduce the threat of cardiovascular problems
  • The role of governmental policies on the hiring of healthcare professionals
  • The role of good leadership skills in nursing profession
  • How to prepare a nurse for primary healthcare

Other examples of emergency nursing capstone project ideas for your capstone project nursing paper include:

  • What is the role of family engagement in primary healthcare?
  • How can a healthcare facility increase the efficiency of asthma management in educational establishments?
  • What are the effective ways to handle stress in the nursing profession?

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