Posted: March 28th, 2021

All in your Attitude

Contrary to popular belief your attitude has the greatest effect on you quality of life. Even though one’s current living situation may not be the best, a positive attitude can give you a whole new outlook; It can allow you to see possibilities and opportunities you never before thought possible. How do you think 99% of the people that are famous or “well-off’ got into the position they are in now? We must first begin by selecting a definition for “quality of life. Most people would tell you that monetary wealth, either as a nation or personal worth, material possessions, and healthcare are the major factors that contribute to having a period quality of life. While each of these are important factors, they can all be affected by one’s attitude. If you think about it, no matter where you go, you will hear people saying that money can make a person happy, or without money you are nothing.

It is as though people seriously believe that money is the dictionary definition of life, love, and happiness. However, society has told them that this is the truth.It is everywhere, the music we listen to, the television we watch, and the empty polity so many of us find Interesting. This leads many people to think that as they acquire more material wealth and possessions, their happiness will Increase. History has shown us that this is not necessarily true; it is perfectly reasonable to assume that there are extremely wealthy people who are extremely unhappy as well. For a literary example, Edwin Arlington Robinsons popular poem “Richard Cord” describes a man who had all the comforts of life that was so miserable that he commits seclude at the end of the poem (Robinson).Let us look at the silver lining In all of this, not every story ends this way, face It we all want that happy fairy tale ending that might have started off terrible.

A true story about three young men who grew up on the streets of Newark, New Jersey. Despite their start, they were determined to attended college and promised each other that no matter what happened they would keep a positive attitude in order to achieve the careers that everyone else in their lives told them they could not attain. The E. R. Doctor Sampson Davis MD, the dentist Dry. George Jenkins DMS, and the internist Dry.Rammer Hunt MD, all of which are now helping the very same people they grew up with and that other Mad’s would look down upon.

A positive attitude can greatly Influence a person’s quality of life. It can push someone to continue striving for a better existence no matter the situation. These 1 OFF them to seek happiness and fulfillment. The World Health Organization defines quality of life as how a person perceives their situation in the context of their society in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns (CTD. In JOB). Someone who tries to find an answer rather than complain is the one more likely to succeed.This is simply because there is nothing that is more fulfilling than having your questions answered, dreams achieved, and worries relieved.

Although doing something to help oneself, may make you feel amazing that you have accomplished something important or vital, helping others can have the same effect on an individual. Giving to those who need what you have Just as much if not more than you do, is the sense of the attitude of quality. Like author Don Dewclaws once said, “quality is an attitude… Adopted by choice conscious or unconscious choice. Meaning attitude is not something you are born with, and will be taken up more quickly while one are young.

While both good (studious or diligent) and bad demanding or belligerent) are embraced, it is seldom that the attitude of quality is one of those. Being able to look with pride at the work that you have done is a major factor when it comes to the way you see your standing in life. The pride that comes with accomplishing something to the best of one’s ability allows one to enjoy his work. People who hate what they do on a daily basis are consistently less happy than those who feel that what they do has a positive impact on others.With this positive mindset, it is much easier for a person to maintain a positive attitude. Inversely, a positive attitude can help a person find some aspect of what they do that gives them some reward. It becomes apparent that one’s attitude has a profound effect on those things that are the definition of the quality of life.

A person’s attitude is one of the most important factors that affects their quality of life. A positive attitude can give one the ability to show resolve through a difficult situation and come out on top when others would have surrendered.To answer the question that was posed at the beginning of the essay, many of the people who came extraordinarily successful in life achieved their position by keeping a positive attitude and persevering through the difficult times. Consider Walt Disney, as a young man he was fired from his Job due to a lack of creativity. Instead of submitting to what another person’s opinion stated, Mr.. Disney continued to work on his creations and became one of the most well-known cartoonists of all time, and his work is now immortal.

If he had decided to quit what he was passionate about, Mr..


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