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The body movement occurs following the contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscles. This mechanism of muscle contraction is what mechanically moves the body. For this case study, the male patient experienced involuntary muscle twitches due to the muscle contraction mechanism. Normal Muscle contraction occurs in steps. The first step happens when the message from the nervous system moves to the muscular system and triggers chemical reactions (Marieb, N. and Hoehn, K. 2003, 308). Later on, the next step is when the contraction happens, these chemical reactions result in the reorganization of the muscle fibers that shortens the muscle.
Muscle twitching has its underlying procedure in three components, whereas full body rigor has it’s in four stages. For muscle twitches considering the case of this patient, the process happened in three bits, the latent period of 1-2 msec when the action potential got to the muscle; in this short delay, the observation of tension was seen in the muscle (Weitkunat, M et al. .2017, 126). After that, the second component occurred at the contraction phase; here, the muscle generated tension connecting with the cycling of cross-bridges to create the last component, the relaxation phase that had the muscle return to its normal length. On the other hand, full-body rigor it occurs in stages. In the Autolysis stage here, the cells begin to rupture, loosening the skin, causing the membranes to release enzymes that feed on these cells. The second stage is Bloat; many gases are produced by the membranes creating a foul smell. After that is the Active Decay, the soft body tissues begin to decompose, resulting in the fourth stage the skeletonization.
Excessive muscle contraction relates to the respiratory system and breathing of this patient by the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm that contract and relaxes, causing pressure changes. The change in pressure in between his ribs causes the inspiration and expiration, enabling the breathing process. It happens following the movement in muscles and continuous pressure that forces air in or out of the lungs.
Considering the male patient’s case study, the administration of dantrolene reduced symptoms of muscle spasm and tightness by significantly reducing the muscle contraction (Krause, T et al. 2004, 364). The muscles relaxed, reducing stiffness, pain, and treating the patient’s malignant hyperthermia due to surgery and anesthesia subjected to him.
The two tests, vastus laterals muscle biopsy, and ex vivo halothane caffeine contracture tests relate to the patient’s symptoms in this case. For instance, conducting the muscle biopsy, it is a diagnostic test to detect neuromuscular conditions in the patient as he indicated muscle spasms after the successful surgery. For such biopsy after exposure of the vastus lateralis to caffeine and halothane, the muscle is generally considered the best muscle that displays all neuropathies features. In it, no nerves traverse it, thus cannot be damaged.
Muscle physiology discusses the muscles as playing a key role in body movement following the contractions. In this report, the case study gave insights into how muscle contraction on the patient occurred, explaining the underlying mechanisms that resulted in muscle contractions that impacted the patient’s breathing process. The report also discussed how dantrolene to the patient reduced symptoms and how the two tests connected to the patient’s signs after surgery.

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